Swim Carnival

What a fun event! Well done third graders!

Below you can see some pictures and videos of the swimmers.

Field Trip to Hong Kong Wetlands

As part of the curriculum for our science unit, Structures of Life, where we are studying the structures, functions, and habitats of plants and animals, yesterday we went to Hong Kong Wetlands.

Thanks parents helpers for coming along and chaperoning our students.

Below you can see some pictures from the field trip.

From Seed to Seedling

Visiting the Art Show

On Wednesday we visited the Art Show and wrote all sort of poems about several pieces we really liked using adjectives to describe them.

Yesterday we tried a new strategy to describe what we see. We pretended to have a blind person next to us and we wrote down everything we remembered from that specific piece of art, so that the blind person could see it through our words.

One of my students came up with this.

Can you recognise the piece she is describing?

IMG_1320 (1)