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After writing our nonfiction book about something we were an expert at, we started a planet research project. Learners listened to several podcast and created their own based on the planet they had been researching and writing about.

Students learned that while writing a script for a podcast, they had to write for the ear, not for the eye!

3A students started recording their podcast yesterday. Those will be posted on our blog soon!

2 thoughts on “Planet Podcast

  1. Great job on your podcasts, 3A. I had the chance to listen to a few of them tonight, and they were fantstic. I am inpressed with your knowledge but also on your ability to show your understanding in this way. Well done!

    • Thank you Mr. Overlie. We worked hard on researching and writing about our planet but it was definitely worth it. We had fun creating our planet podcasts and we learned a lot!

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