Happy Halloween!

Today was an important day for grade three students. They were in charge of leading the school’s monthly assembly. The ESLR for this month was Independent Learners and third graders sang a rap showing how to do their best. They also did some skits based on appropriate ways of using technology. I’m sure you have seen the T.H.I.N.K. posters all around the school.

After the assembly we all gathered to the sports field for the Halloween parade.

Detailing Predictions to Bring Out Personalities

Today students had to predict by imagining not only what but also how the character will act.  During their reading they had to stop, think and jot some predictions. They asked to themselves: “What do I already know about the character that can help me to predict?”

3A learners shared predictions with their partners pointing out what they did to make their predictions good.

Then, after making their predictions, they read on and found out if they were “right” or “wrong.”


U.S Customary System or Metric System?

Today, during math, learners walked around the classroom to find out different items and to measure them. They used both, the U.S. Customary System and the Metric System, so depending on the length of the object, they would measure in in., ft. or yd., and in mm., cm., dm., or m. They also had to measure the length of the shorter side of the classroom.

Ask you child what cm., mm. ft. or yd. stands for.


Grade 3 Inventors Need your Help!

We will be launching our new social studies unit, Inventors and Inventions, right after the break. Learners need to gather materials for an activity we will be doing the very first day of the unit. Please see the letter below for more information.

Thank you for supporting your child in collecting those items. They can start bringing materials from now on till November 1st.


Mental Images

We have started a new read aloud called Tiger Rising, written by Kate DiCamillo.

Students tried to make a movie in their mind as I read aloud to them. Then, they jotted some notes or even draw a picture of something they were able to visualise during the reading aloud. A little later, they got together with their reading partners, and were able to share their thoughts and pictures.

Please support your child in tonight’s homework about choosing a passage of the book they he or she is reading. You can ask them some questions about how they picture some of the characters of the story.


Light and Reflection Challenges

In science, during our  investigation, students discovered that light is a form of energy that travels in straight lines from a light source.

3A learners worked in small groups. They had  4 mirrors and a flashlight .Their task was to figure out where and how to place the mirrors so the light was reflected there. For example, they had to place mirrors in a way to make the light shine in two different directions.









Fun Grammar!

Have you ever played an adverb game where you have to act out something, such as “say your name speedily, jump angrily, or sit shyly?”

Have you ever written as many adjectives as you could on a frame to describe a picture?

These are some of the activities 3A students have been working on to review nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs from our grammar unit.

After these activities, students kept working on their non-genre entries.

We will be publishing and sharing those tomorrow with our peers!





Strong Verbs, Muscle Verbs

Sometimes, in our writing and even in the way we speak, we use the same verbs over and over.

Today, 3A learners realised that instead of just using  the verb “run,” in their sentences, they could use other verbs such as “jog, trot, escape, fly, race…”

With the help of the thesaurus, students found  synonyms of the “weak verbs.”

They also used the thesaurus app to look for more strong verbs.