Book Sale -3 Local Vendors

Book Sale -3 Local Vendors


Looking to buy books for your children?

Looking to buy gifts?

The following vendors will be at SIS:

Fun to Read

My SchoolBus




Wednesday, Dec. 4    10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Thursday, Dec. 5    7:45 am – 4:40 pm


location: space outside the SPAH


Design Challenge

Grade 3 gathered together and were presented a challenge.

They had to design and build a table out newspaper tubes that was at least eight inches tall and strong enough to hold a science book ( heavy book)

In groups of three, students worked collaboratively, identifying the problem, brainstorming ideas of how to solve it, designing the table, building it, testing and evaluating it and redesigning it. We used the chart below to guide as during the challenge.



Finally, designers reflected on their learning using  an app called educreations and posted it on their kidblog.

Here you can see a few pictures of the paper tables grade three students made.








You’ll be able to see  more pictures of their projects by clicking on kidblog.

Walkathon for the Philippines

In an effort to raise money to help the victims in the Philippines, SIS is having a walk-a-thon. Each child is requested to bring a 10 RMB donation and we will walk for 30 minutes. This event is scheduled for next Friday, however we will be on our grade 3 field trip. Therefore, we will be walking on Thursday the 28th instead.
Thank you for your support.

Reading, Writing and Learning about Inventors and their Inventions

During social studies, grade three students read about a significant invention. They made a timeline of that invention and posted it in our kidblog. Please check them and comment on them. Thanks!

Learners also worked really hard researching and making inventors’ trading cards. We went to the library several times so they were able to use different tools such as iPads, computers and books.

Last Thursday we had our trading card celebration! It was very special to see students so engaged and active exchanging their cards and learning from each other.











Learners realised that inventors have common characteristics. They wrote a percentage poem thinking about those characteristics. These will be posted on their kidblog on Monday.

Adapting Classic Tales


3A writers have been working really hard in adapting fairy tales and finally today they published their first piece.



They read each other’s  and on sticky notes they jotted ideas to make a better fairy tale adaptation.


Below you can see what they came up with:

Then, writers went back to their places and started planning. Some of them have even started writing their first scene.

When time was up, they wanted to keep on writing. 3A learners are very excited thinking of ways to make better the classic story and I can’t wait to read them all!

Inventors and Inventions

During our social studies unit, students have started to learn what an inventor is. They have read some books about inventions that changed the world  such as the invention of car, the telephone, the camera, the television or the computer.

They chose one of those inventions and the last two days, they’ve been gathering pictures and information to make a digital timeline of their inventions.


3A learners went to the library this morning to research about inventors and their inventions. They are going to make trading cards where they would be stating some facts about the invention, as well as writing a mini-bio of the inventor.