Writing Celebration

This morning we had our Writing Celebration. Students and parents scanned QR codes to access to students’ stories, listen to them and leave some quality comments on them.

Later on, writers were able to enjoy some “Fairy Tales Cupcakes” Grade Three teachers made for them.

Thanks to all the parents who were able to attend to our Publishing Party!

If you could’t make it to the celebration or would like to listen to other stories please click on the following link: Mrs.Carino’sClass

Feel free to comment on the adapted fairy tales. Thanks











Comparing Fairy Tales

Learners have been reading classic and adapted Fairy Tales in class. They used a Venn Diagram to compare the differences and similarities of two classic Fairy Tales, as well as to compare a classic and an adapted one.

Today they completed a Padlet to reflect some of their thoughts while comparing Fairy Tales.

Click here to have access to it.

Designing in Grade 3

Today was an exciting day for grade 3 students. We started our very first stage of the Design Process.

Learners thought of a problem and ways to solve that particular problem by creating meaningful innovations.

They used their “Idea book” and worked together with their team brainstorming their ideas, and classifying them in different groups: Fantasy, Realistic or Can Do Ideas.

These ideas will conclude in creating an invention for our Grade 3 Invention Convention.

Writer’s Colony

A couple of weeks ago, we started a writing colony in our class where students had their own cabins as well as a meeting place to listen to each other’s writing,  and give feedback for revision. In our colony, you can also find a special library with many tittles of Fairy Tales that we use as mentor texts, to help us see what other authors had done. We have both, the classic and the adapted version of the tales.

Students are now in the last stage of the writing process, publishing. Learners have been working very hard in their first draft as well as in the revising process., They tried to add more description and dialogue to their stories so, when you read and listen to their stories,  you’ll be able to see them through their eyes, the author’s eyes.

Look for updates as we soon will be announcing our Publishing Party!