Writing Powerful Introductions









During Writer’s Workshop, students created  introductions for their “All About” books researching mentor texts. After reading and learning how to write an introduction, they got into conversation circles to talk about how the mentor author wrote his lead.

They used some of those examples to write powerful introductions that would hook readers in their informational books.

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Making Tangrams with Our Buddies


Chinese New Year is almost here and today we gathered together with our reading buddies and made some tangrams together.

Tangram is an ancient Chinese Puzzle made out of seven pieces.  After making the pieces of cleverness, as sometimes people call this game,  buddies worked together to create different figures such as a cat, a swan, a candle and some others.

This activity was a perfect extension for our geometry unit in math where we are studying triangles and quadrangles.

Please remember to dress up in your Chinese outfits tomorrow for our STUCO Chinese Costume day! Tomorrow’s assembly starts at 8:15 at the S.P.A.H.





Sharks, Cowboys, Guinness World Records and much more…

These are some of the titles 3A students are starting to work on while writing their informational books.

They are researching  online resources and gathering information from different mentor texts to teach us about one of their favorites topics.

Today they used an “Information Writing Checklist” to get a first impression of their piece and a sense of where they are as writers today.

Ask your children about their topic and the chapters they are about to write. What would be a great addition to their book to be able to hook their readers in?

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Invention Convention

Last Thursday we had our Annual Grade Three Invention Convention.

This time was a little different from precedent years. Students learned about the Design Process and the inventions were created in groups instead of individually.

Inventors made iMovies reflecting on how their invention developed in every single stage of the Design Process.

Below you can see some pictures of the actual Invention Convention. You can scan the QR codes to watch the iMovies.

Thanks to all for coming and writing compliments to our students!

Informational “Auras”



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Third Graders are reading non-fiction books.

They have learned new things while reading their books and want to share some facts with you.

If you would like to find out what they’ve done follow the next steps:


1. Download a free app called Aurasma


2. Join Aurasma, create a free account


2. Follow us at 3Asis’s Public Auras


3. Scan some of the book covers displayed on the bulletin board


Reading Non-Fiction

Students have been paying attention to text features while reading non-fiction books. On their iPads they made a lesson about non-fiction text features (table of contents, headings and subheadings, glossary, index…) using an app called educreations and posted those on their kidblog. Click here if you would like to watch some of their lessons.


Informational Writing

Yesterday we started a new unit for our Writer’s Workshop: The Art of Information Writing.

Students had the opportunity to teach their peers about their favourite topic.

This morning, after writing fast and furiously during seven minutes, 3A writers realised the importance and power of organizing and reorganizing all they had written.

Students went back to their writing and made a table of contents stating the important ideas and concepts of their writing as chapters for their informational book. They are taking those home tonight to review them, and decide if they want to add or remove some chapters. They shouldn’t have less than three chapters or more than five in their books. Please ask your child to teach you about his informational book and support him while reviewing ways of organizing his informational book.