Learning Comes Alive

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When : March 6, 2014


Where: In your child’s SPECIALIST class




LEARNING COMES ALIVE will provide an opportunity for parents to see what happens in the classroom during the specialist lessons. You will have the opportunity to participate as if you were a student at SIS, during this time.


Below is a schedule for the specialist classes you will have a chance to participate in.
*** Please note that this will not be a time to engage in one-to-one conversations with the teacher about your child ***


11:55 – 12:35  Chinese: Chinese Building
12:40 – 1:20  Music: Parkside, 3rd floor


We look forward to welcoming parents into our classrooms to see learning come ‘alive’!


Reading in the Literacy Lounge

Yesterday morning we visited  the Literacy Lounge and spent some time reading SIS student writing.

We were able to read all sort of literacy. Students all across the Elementary School shared some written pieces they created. We could grab the paper itself, scan a QR code and read the piece on the iPad, or read it directly the on the board where it was posted.

After reading we were able to write compliments to the authors to let them know what we liked from their piece.

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Poetry Week

SIS students were lucky enough to listen to our visiting poets Michael Salinger and Sara Hoolbrook this week. Mr. Salinger and Mrs.Hoolbrook worked with us yesterday, introducing themselves and their writing they’ve done, and today teaching students some tips on how to use similes in poetry.

Grade three writers participated in a lesson where they learned how to write a simile poem after having created a list of ideas.

We made a poem together about how does it feel being a third grader at S.I.S.

Then, learners wrote their own based on something they were passionated about.


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Exploring the Moon

In science we have been observing the Moon and its phases.

Since the lasts days and nights were so cloudy,  we used our iPads to discover how the Moon changes and the sequence of those changes.

IMG_7171 IMG_7174 IMG_7175

Students learned that there are four specific phases, new Moon, first-quarter Moon, full Moon, and third quarter Moon. They also learned the vocabulary to describe the intermediate phases: waxing and waning for increasing and decreasing in apparent size, and crescent and gibbous for phases that are smaller and larger than a quarter Moon.

After simulating the Moon Phases, learners played “Moon Games” such as Moon Phases Memory Game, and Night Sky Pictionary to reinforce the concepts they just learned.




















Please watch the video “Changing Moon” if you would like to learn more about it.


What Do We Know about Space? Learning Educational Tools for a Better Research


As part of our informational writing, grade three students are going to create a podcast based on content area.  Since we are studying a unit called “Sun, Moon and Stars” in science now, we decided giving a topic such as “Space” to students will encourage them to choose and write about different things that could be found in the space and create a podcast.

3A learners started to research about their topic today. They learned how to gather information through the school library and how to refine their research to make it more suitable for them. Students will be podcasting about meteorites, asteroids, galaxies, stars, black holes, and planets.















Becoming Experts on a Subject

This morning during Reading Workshop, 3A learners read their informational books paying attention to new words.

Nonfiction readers realised that to become experts on a subject and be able to teach others, they had to learn the specific words of that subject.

They wrote down some of those words on sticky notes and on their journals, and tomorrow they will be using them in their conversations about the informational book they just read.

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