Aurasmas’ Book Reviews

We wrapped out our Mystery Book Clubs unit writing book reviews.

Students chose a favourite mystery book they read to create an aura using the Aurasma App.

Today learners watched and listened to each others’ auras, and got excited about which book they would like to read next.

You can download the Free Aurasma App and follow us at 3Asis to be able to see the  Mystery Book Reviews’ auras 3A learners made. You’ll be able to see them during Student-led Conferences.







Solving Mysteries


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 21.06.53Every morning, during Reading Workshop, students turn into detectives who solve mysteries.

Learners are reading different books from the same series and meet with their “Mystery Book Club” to discuss the mystery and share clues they have collected. Students have a “Detective Case File” with assignments that will help them solve the problem in their book.










We have also been using the iPads to solve great mysteries!

Please ask your kids about the cases they are solving,  the clues the might have found and possible read herrings they have encountered while trying to solve the mystery. Also question them about their suspects. Do they all have great alibis?  Do their case have any witnesses? Have they found any evidence?


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