Reading Biographies

Lately we have been studying biographies, reading and learning true stories about significant, exceptional and meaningful people. We imagined what life would be if we were the person in the biography, to predict if we would act the same way or different.

We noticed descriptive language in the biographies to visualize the events in the stories. In addition, we used the descriptive language we learned by reading different biographies, and applied it while we worked on writing our biography or autobiography.

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Hong Kong Wetlands Field Trip

Grade 3 Field Trip

When: Monday, May 26th, from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
**We will board the buses right at 8am…so don’t be late to school!**

Where: Hong Kong Wetlands Park – Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, HK

Why: To support our science unit on “Structures of Life”

What: This location is the perfect place for our students to be able to observe diverse organisms that live in different environments. As part of our visit, our students will partake in activities organized by the Wetlands Education Center.

This field trip is guaranteed to be a great day, but we need your help to make sure things go to plan. Please help us by checking to make sure that your child’s passport and visa are in order. Then, fill in the attached immigration forms and send in your child’s passport and completed forms to school on Thursday May 22nd. (Teachers and helpers will take responsibility for holding on to the passports during the day so there is no need to worry about them getting lost.)

packed lunch is necessary for everyone to bring, including a water bottle. It is highly likely that it will be hot and sunny so please ensure you have applied sun protection and bug spray. One never knows, however, and it may be rainy. So please also pack a raincoat or umbrella. We will be walking around a lot on this trip, so good walking shoes are essential.

Last but not least, we need parent helpers. If you don’t care to join us on our bus, please feel free to join us using your own transportation as it is only 25 minutes away and a beautiful environment.

Thank you,
Grade 3 Teachers

Meet the Crayfish

As part of our science unit Structures of Life, today we introduced our third investigation, Crayfish Structures.

Students were very excited to have them in our room. They learned that crayfish are living organisms and should be treated with care and respect.

After a short demonstration, some students were able to handle the crayfish and observe their structures. Tomorrow we will further discuss the functions of each structure as well as how crayfish should be cared for to ensure their well-being.






Persuasive Publishing Party!

Today we celebrated student’s writing.
They worked really hard on their persuasive pieces. They wrote speeches and we decided to film them while delivering their speeches. We used an app called “aurasma” to view and listen to the kids.

Innovation and technology are not always easy to deal with, and today we had some issues with the internet in the hallway where the persuasive pieces were posted. Complex and positive thinking helped us to fix the issue right away.

Parents, thanks so much for your flexibility and support. We were delighted to have you and to be able to share our work with us.

If you were not able to attend to the celebration you can still have access to the pieces. A copy of the student’s piece is posted in our kidblog.

I have uploaded all the speeches in YouTube. Click on the student’s name to listen their speech.