Writers Use a Storyteller’s Voice

This morning, during Writer’s Workshop, students learned that a writer can have two different voices, a storyteller voice, and a news reporter voice.

In this unit, grade three learners are starting to write personal narratives, true stories from their lives. Today, they tried to use a storyteller voice, adding dialogue and action, so their reader could experience what actually happened.






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Home and Away

On Monday we launched our first social studies unit, “Home and Away” having all grade 3 students getting together and traveling from one continent to another to learn more about them.


Since then, we have been busy learning about maps, making our own, and sorting maps depending on their features.

IMG_7728 2

IMG_7732 2

Finally, students were able to explore maps in small groups, and write their observations on the white board.




First Day of Third Grade

What an excited day we have had!

We met many new friends from different countries. It is so cool to be international!

We read the book “Have you filled a Bucket Today” and talked about the differences between bucket filling and bucket dipping.


We were able to transfer all the students’ blogs from last year so they get to keep all their posts and stuff they had.  Today they made their first blog post in grade three. You can check them up on the sidebar and please, leave a comment or two.