Swimming Schedule for October


Dear Parents,

Please find enclosed the ES swimming schedule for this trimester. Please read through the new swimming schedule, and check your child’s lesson day.

Please also ensure that your child brings their swimming clothes/equipment on their designated day.  Students will receive 5 lessons of swimming, and as swimming is a mandatory part of our curriculum, we therefore ask that you help prepare your child with all the necessary items for each swimming lesson.

The swim lesson dates are as follows:


 7, 14, 17, 24 ,29 October 

We have tried our best to avoid the days when there is any trip scheduled. However if a class trip occurs on any of these dates then the swimming class might be rescheduled.

Swimming equipment 

-Swimming clothes




-Dry bag

-Water bottle

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the PE Department at school or via email.

Thank you,

Pawel Barwicki

How to Keep Book Talk Going

This morning 3A students learned that one thing good readers do is talk about their books. Good readers learn form each other by sharing their ideas and their thinking, so third graders were challenged to turn and talk trying to respond to their partner’s ideas instead of just telling their own ideas.

Please take a look at the anchor chart below so you can practice at home with your child. Make sure you do it after he reads 15 or 20 minutes and thinks about what he would like to share with you.


IMG_8188.JPG IMG_8190.JPG


“Who to Call”Chart: Communications at SIS

Dear Parents:

 As a part of our efforts to provide you with timely support when needed, we have attached a “Who to Call” chart.  Our intent is to help you know who to contact for different questions about the school and put you in touch with the person most able to directly address your need.  This document has a flow chart showing the chain of communication we use and a list of key staff, their duties, and their contact information.  We hope this helps us serve you better.

 Best Regards,

Dale Cox, Ed.D.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 16.15.40



Differentiation Options in Math


3A learners worked enjoy more time playing and practicing enrichment activities during math.

Today, to further explore subtraction algorithms, they collaborate to make a poster of a 3 digit subtraction problem using as many methods as they could to solve the problem.

Then, they presented to the whole class. Some of the methods they used were, base 10 blocks, number grid, counting up, partial differences…

Well done complex thinkers!


IMG_8140.JPG IMG_8134.JPG IMG_8138.JPG IMG_8135.JPG IMG_8139.JPG IMG_8132.JPG IMG_8133.JPG IMG_8131.JPGIMG_8130.JPG

Home Country Projects


During our first social studies unit, grade 3 students have been learning how to construct and use simple maps, recognize why people live where they live, and the differences between human, natural, and man-made resources.

They have been working on their summative assessment, a Home Country Poster, including some unique facts from their home country, a map, and different resources. Students learned how to take notes using different tools such as Encyclopedia Britannica.

I’m attaching the rubric so you know what will be expected.



Researching and Note Taking for Our Home Country Project

Yesterday we went to the library to research and take notes about resources our country has.

We will be adding this information today to our “My Country Poster.”

Our goal is to learn more from our home country, compare the resources with our host country, China, and be able to share our learning with our students.

We will be tweeting unique things from our home country so people from around the world can also learn from us.


IMG_8090.JPG IMG_8082.JPG IMG_8097.JPG IMG_8083.JPG IMG_8093.JPG IMG_8095.JPG IMG_8094.JPG IMG_8092.JPG