Text Features


This morning we looked at many different text features that can be found on informational and non-fiction texts.
For homework tonight, 3A learners have to read an informational text and write down at least 4 different text features they found while reading it.

Reflecting on our City X Project

Please click on the links to watch leaners iMovies and their reflections on their learning through the Design Thinking.

City X Project  Reflection by Parth, Antonio, Alex and Jasmine

City X Project  Reflection by Albin and Isaac

City X Project  Reflection by Jacob, Emily, Keenan and Kurea

City X Project Reflection by Steven, Lee, Julia and Raffaella

City X Project Reflection by Athena, Andy, Minjun


Invention Convention

What a great way to celebrate our learning!

Thank you parents for coming to our Annual Invention Convention and for supporting learners at home while ideating and prototyping their very own inventions.

Today, grade 3 inventors were very proud to show and explain their inventions to all of you.

This year was also very special for 3A as we decided to innovate and be part of the City X Project. It has been a learning experience for all of us, walking students through the Design Process and using new technology such as 3D printings.

It has been a journey, not always easy to deal with, but definitely very rewarding for all of us. Thanks to the support we’ve got from the innovation team, we were able to go through the whole process and 3D print 19 prototypes in less than 3 weeks.

As part of the unit and the project, students have reflected on their learning and collaborated with peers to make a short movie that showcases their experiences and thoughts.

I’m uploading these movies to a YouTube channel and I’ll add them to a blog post so you can watch them if you didn’t get a chance today in the Convention.





Using Context Clues in NonFiction

This morning, during Readers Workshop, students learned four strategies to determine the meaning of tricky words.

Please ask your child when you read with them at home, what new words they’ve learned while reading informational books, and which of the four strategies they used to figure out the meaning.
Click on the link to learn more about using context clues in nonfiction and look at the anchor chart below












Reading Nonfiction

Last Monday we launched our nonfiction reading unit.
Students have been writing a couple of reading goals they would like to achieve before we finish this unit. Please ask your child about their reading goal to help them think about it also at home and to be successful.

In addition, here are some great resources to help your child engage in reading nonfiction.

News-O-Matic – Five daily stories covering U.S. and international news, sports, arts, science, and more. There is an app version with audio playback of complete articles via a Read-to-Me function. It also includes definitions and pronunciation support for difficult words.

Newsela – Register for free for unlimited access to articles. Use the magnifying glass icon to search for articles by grade level. See an example here.

Tumblebooks – Our school has a subscription to this site (check the Parent Portal) Click on Nonfiction for a variety of texts that can be read aloud to students.