Music Performance

Grade three students have been working hard and learning hard to prepare their collaborative performance about inventors.  They will perform Thursday, March 5 at 6:30 p.m. in the SPAH.  Students may dress their best for this fun evening!  Please make sure to have your child arrive at 6:15 (no earlier) in the Kindergarten classrooms that evening. Their teachers will meet them there and bring them into the SPAH at performance time.


Mystery Readers Read for Clues

On Tuesday we launched our “Mystery Book Clubs” unit playing a mystery game. Students were given a character in the game with clues to work out the mystery.
After reading their character cards and memorizing the information, detectives asked each other questions to collect information to solve the case. Finally we all gathered together to discuss who they thought was the criminal, and they solved the mystery.



This unit has new vocabulary, mystery vocabulary, and today 3A detectives started giving their own definitions of the word witness.
They also had to write down synonyms of the new word, draw a picture and use it in a sentence. Finally they got to share their ideas with their vocabulary partners
Please support them as they might ask you synonyms of the upcoming mystery words in your home language.











Space Research

In writing workshop, we started researching our topics for our Podcasts. Mrs. Livingston gave us an organizer, and taught us how to look for and record information.  Today, students took this for homework. Please use the library website ( and look under resources. There you will find a variety of reputable places to search for information. Passwords for subscription sites can be found on the Parent Portal. Another good place to look is WebPath Express. These sites have all been vetted and deemed appropriate and reliable for students. This can be found by clicking on the catalog icon on the library blog, then clicking Mountainside, catalog, and finally on WebPath Express on the lefthand side. See the pictures below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 15.21.41


In science students are learning about the Sun. During our investigation, students explored what makes shadows. They’ve learned that shadows are the areas of darkness created when an opaque object blocks light. Students know the the shapes of a shadow change over a day and depends on the position of the Sun in the sky.