Persuasive Publishing Party

Today we celebrated our writing, our persuasive speeches.

To write a persuasive speech, students had to go through a process of seeing a problem and imagining a solution, writing a strong thesis, and gathering reasons and evidence to support their thesis. They had to always think of their audience. Who was this written for?

After going through the whole writing process, grade 3 learners gave a speech to their classmates and today they were able to share their speeches with their parents.

Thank you parents for attending today to our Publishing Party! We were very happy to have you here and to share our learning with you.

If you couldn’t come, you can still listen to the speeches as all the videos are in the learner’s blogs.

Please listen to their speeches, as they are beautiful, and do comment on them.





What’s AMPed?

I’m sure you’ve heard your child talking about their AMPed (Autonomous, Mastered, Purposeful Education) project, or just mentioning that they have an interest or a passion about something.

Inspired by Mr. Machinello and some of his students,  a couple of weeks ago, we started learning more about AMPed.

Mr. Ruthai is leading this AMPed project, also known as genius hour and he came to launch it.

The goal is to facilitate students to work on something they like, an interest they might have, for 30-40 minutes a week, so they can use their free time at home to learn more about or to work on it.

We are still at the very beginning of the process, brainstorming our favourite things to do at school and home, as well as the things/activities  we don’t enjoy so much, so little by little we are narrowing our preferences.

In addition, this project’s aim is to foster complex thinking and independent learning. Students can choose to do it individually or with a friend.

As I said, we are just at the beginning of our journey.

For more information, check the following link


Delivering Our Persuasive Speeches

Today was a big day for 3A learners.

Every single student had something important to share with their peers, and not only to share, but to persuade them about an important strong thesis, they’ve been working on and writing about for the past few weeks.

One by one, students gave powerful speeches, using eye contact and special words and phrases to persuade their audience, in this case, their classmates.

We recorded their speeches, so be ready to be persuaded on our upcoming Publishing Party this Friday April 24, at 1:30 4th floor Parkside.


Literature Circles. Summarizer

During Writer’s Workshop we launched a new unit of study, literature circles. Students are starting to discover different “jobs” they will have to do while being part of literature circles.

This morning, grade 3 students learned what does a Summarizer do.

Tonight, for homework, your child has to read a short passage called “A Bad Move” and write a short paragraph that includes the main events from the beginning, middle and end of the assigned reading.

Thanks for supporting your child.



Revising and Editing our Persuasive Pieces

Today was a very productive day for 3A writers.  We had a great workshop feeling, where students were working with their writing partners, finishing the last part of their drafting, using checklist to revise their work, or checking for spelling errors, and punctuation while editing.

To be sure they are almost ready to publish, they are taking their checklist and a persuasive writing rubric home tonight for homework.

Literature Circles

This week, during reader’s workshop, students got together and started sharing their thoughts based on a “job” they worked on after reading a book of their choice. Every student in the same group or circle read the same book.

It was great to see how well prepared were learners for their literature circles already on their first day of sharing.

The aim is to have them listening to each other and asking thoughtful questions, so the conversations last longer.

Below you can see the different jobs and some pictures of some students while having nice conversations about their books.

The rubric and self-assessment in their literature circle folders that they will bring home each night indicate what will be assessed this unit as a part of their literacy and speaking & listening grades this trimester.