Lunar Landers STEM Challenge

Last Friday students were challenged to design, create and build something that would keep two astronauts (marshmallows) in their cabin (paper cup) when dropped from 2 feet.

For this challenge, teams were given 8 straws, 3 index cards, 1 paper cup, 3 rubber bands, 10 small marshmallows and 2 large marshmallows and had 25 minutes to create.

This has been our 4th STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Challenge and students realised the importance of testing their artefacts and redesigning them to achieve their goal, to solve the problem, the challenge.

Two of four teams were successful, and after reflecting students agreed that working together as a team, communicating and supporting each other ideas was much more successful tag trying to it on their own.







Reading Fairy Tales with our Reading Buddies

Last week we read fairy tales with our kindergarten buddies.
Mrs. Edward read the Three Billy Goats Gruff to all of us. This is one of the books we are using for our writers workshop, where we are learning how to retell fairy tales.

Then we kept reading and enjoying classic and retold fairy tales with our buddies, stoping, thinking, and jotting ideas.







Earth Day is Every Day!

This week we celebrated our beautiful home, Earth, at the E.S.

We decorated our door with recycled materials.


STUCO sent us a daily tip so we could discuss it in class and think of ways of helping our precious planet.

Here you have some of them:

Recycling and composting prevented 85 million tons of material away from being disposed of in 2010, up from 18 million tons in 1980.  We have made great gains.

Twenty recycled aluminium cans can be made with the energy it takes to manufacture one brand new one.

 We also watched a TED talk about “How to use a paper towel” Click on the link so you can also watch it: How to use a paper towel

We came up with some “earth day” activities to do with our buddies. We reused old and broken crayons and made a “crayon earth” out of them


On Wednesday we received these facts and tips:

“Today is save electricity day.  Below are some facts and tips related to electric consumption/emissions.”

Rank Country CO2e emissions in megatonnes Percentage of global total
1 China 7,225.4 16.38%
2 United States of America 6,933.8 15.72%
 Air conditioning, which typically uses high-watt machines for extended periods of time, accounts for a big chunk of residential energy use.
  • Close off the room (shut doors and windows) where the air conditioner is working. A single-room air conditioner can’t efficiently cool the whole house.
  • Set the temperature at a reasonable number.
  • Turn it off when not in the room or you leave the house.
  • TURN LIGHTS off when not in use.  Use fewer in the classroom.

We decided to read and work on our literature circles outside. It was a little windy but still nice. We actually enjoyed getting out of the room and the A.C!

IMG_1243 IMG_1244



In writing we are working in persuasive speeches. Today’s lesson was related with ways to make our persuasive pieces more powerful.

Students watched an excerpt of Severn Suzuki speech to the UN when she was only twelve years old.

You can watch the whole speech by clicking on : “The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes”

…and remember, “Earth Day is Everyday!”

Making Tangrams with Our Buddies


Chinese New Year is almost here and today we gathered together with our reading buddies and made some tangrams together.

Tangram is an ancient Chinese Puzzle made out of seven pieces.  After making the pieces of cleverness, as sometimes people call this game,  buddies worked together to create different figures such as a cat, a swan, a candle and some others.

This activity was a perfect extension for our geometry unit in math where we are studying triangles and quadrangles.

Please remember to dress up in your Chinese outfits tomorrow for our STUCO Chinese Costume day! Tomorrow’s assembly starts at 8:15 at the S.P.A.H.