First Day of Third Grade

What an excited day we have had!

We met many new friends from different countries. It is so cool to be international!

We read the book “Have you filled a Bucket Today” and talked about the differences between bucket filling and bucket dipping.


We were able to transfer all the students’ blogs from last year so they get to keep all their posts and stuff they had.  Today they made their first blog post in grade three. You can check them up on the sidebar and please, leave a comment or two.


Publishing Party

On Friday September 27 we wrapped up our personal narrative unit called “Crafting True Stories.” 

Grade 3 students gathered together to share their stories and listen to other students’ personal narratives.

These stories will be published in our kidblog as well. Students always appreciate when they get comments and compliments on their posts. Thanks for your help and support!


Students’ posts

Welcome to Mrs. Carino’s student posts!! My students will be demonstrating their use of technology by posting entries on their own pages during the school year. We want you to stop by frequently and leave comments on these pages. Each time you compliment a child, it motivates that child to write even more. Be sure to subscribe with your email address to this blog so that you will receive an email each time we have opportunities to post.

Please click on the following click to read the students’ posts.


Mrs. Carino