Persuasive Publishing Party

Today we celebrated our writing, our persuasive speeches.

To write a persuasive speech, students had to go through a process of seeing a problem and imagining a solution, writing a strong thesis, and gathering reasons and evidence to support their thesis. They had to always think of their audience. Who was this written for?

After going through the whole writing process, grade 3 learners gave a speech to their classmates and today they were able to share their speeches with their parents.

Thank you parents for attending today to our Publishing Party! We were very happy to have you here and to share our learning with you.

If you couldn’t come, you can still listen to the speeches as all the videos are in the learner’s blogs.

Please listen to their speeches, as they are beautiful, and do comment on them.





Delivering Our Persuasive Speeches

Today was a big day for 3A learners.

Every single student had something important to share with their peers, and not only to share, but to persuade them about an important strong thesis, they’ve been working on and writing about for the past few weeks.

One by one, students gave powerful speeches, using eye contact and special words and phrases to persuade their audience, in this case, their classmates.

We recorded their speeches, so be ready to be persuaded on our upcoming Publishing Party this Friday April 24, at 1:30 4th floor Parkside.


Considering Audience to Say More

This morning, during writer’s workshop, students learned a new strategy for being more persuasive to their audience: addressing the audience directly.
After writing several sentences to their draft, they gathered together in small groups and asked questions to each other having the reader in mind. 

They used sentence starters such as “Have you ever wondered…” or “Why…” and came up with some sentences such as:

 “Have you ever had trouble finding a book that you want to read and wished there were more books of those series in the school library?

Once Upon a Time…

Yesterday, during Writer’s Workshop we launched our Fairy Tales unit.

Students were reading and studying retold versions of Cinderella such as Cinderella Penguin, The Korean Cinderella and Prince Cinders.

IMG_8515.JPG IMG_8520.JPG IMG_8517.JPG IMG_8521.JPG

3A learners will be adapting their own fairy tales choosing either “Little Red Riding Hood” or “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” We will be adapting Cinderella as a whole class.

Students are aware that in order to write a Fairy Tale adaptation, they new to know the classic story and tell it often. Ask your child to retell you tonight the classic story he or she chose to adapt.



Check Out our Personal Narratives


Right before break grade 3 learners celebrated their First Publishing Party. Students were able to walk around, read each other’s personal narratives, and write a compliment to their favorite ones.

Today, 3A students posted their published pieces on their blog so you can read them and enjoy the wonderful job grade 3 writers have done.

Please be sure you to leave a comment or two. Every time you compliment a child, you encourage him/her to keep on writing.


Writers Use a Storyteller’s Voice

This morning, during Writer’s Workshop, students learned that a writer can have two different voices, a storyteller voice, and a news reporter voice.

In this unit, grade three learners are starting to write personal narratives, true stories from their lives. Today, they tried to use a storyteller voice, adding dialogue and action, so their reader could experience what actually happened.






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