Apps and websites for students

Literacy Websites:

Informational sites:

News-O-Matic – Five daily stories covering U.S. and international news, sports, arts, science, and more. There is an app version with audio playback of complete articles via a Read-to-Me function. It also includes definitions and pronunciation support for difficult words.

Newsela – Register for free for unlimited access to articles. Use the magnifying glass icon to search for articles by grade level. See an example here.

Tumblebooks – Our school has a subscription to this site (check the Parent Portal) Click on Nonfiction for a variety of texts that can be read aloud to students

  •  Math Websites:

3rd Grade Unit 7: Multiplication & Division

3rd Grade Unit 8: Fractions

Intro to Fractions – video

Everyday Math Online:  Fraction Top It / Equivalent Fractions

Concentration – Match fractions to equivalent representations.

Fraction Strip – Practice working with relationships among fractions and ways of combining fractions.

Equivalent Fractions – Increase or decrease the number of columns and rows (for Squares) or the number of sectors (for circles) to make the fractions equivalent.

Pattern Block Fun – Drag pattern blocks to the grid and create wonderful pictures.

Fresh Baked Fractions – FUNBRAIN will show you four fractions. Click on the fraction that is not equal to the others.

Fraction Frenzy – Match the equivalent fractions.

Fraction Game – Move the markers so that the sum of your moves is a fraction that is less than or equal to the target fraction.

Learn your Tables – Practice multiplication by choosing the table and type of game practice.


FACT PRACTICE:  Learn your Tables – Get in some serious multiplication table training. Responds to your answers by training weak facts. – A collection of useful math sites – Math games that support each of our units. – Print practice sheets for addition, subtraction, and multiplication. – A site with games to build reading and math skills, as well as some that are just plain fun! – Try addition or subtraction, then click on The Number Monster for fact practice. – A great math site with virtual manipulatives for reinforcing basic skills. To access 2nd grade appropriate materials, go to PreK – 2 Numbers & Operations. Mrs. Ruthai’s pick for an extra challenge: Circle 99! – Download sheets for math fact practice, as well as time and money. – Interactive games for all subject areas. Simply type the kind of math you want to practice into the search box, and a list of options will pop up! – Fun math games for kids! Start with Formula Fusion and choose a game. – Fun games for time, money, and more like sudoku and memory games!

Science Sites:

Do we Know How Much Space is out There?
The earth is big, but when you witness the impact of a meteorite on Jupiter you will think twice about the size of earth. After you watch this video you be asked to use what you know about the size of earth and consider the size of space. You will find interesting statistics about space and objects in space, watch a video that compares the sizes of objects, and discover what scientists know about the size of space and especially galaxies.
Topic:  Outer space    

Source: WebPath Express
Even though the moon looks different every night, it is still all there even when we cannot see it. This article tells you about the moon and what is known about it that you cannot see. You will find information on the composition of the moon, the formation of the moon, other moons, and the moon’s relationship with the earth. Information on the moon’s orbit and phases is provided along with information on eclipses. The study of the moon is also discussed and you will find a list of fast…
Topic:  Moon    
Source: WebPath Express
NASA Kids: Fun Sites to Explore
Grade Level: spacer.gif  3-5  6-8 spacer.gif
See the cosmos in infrared. Discover how infrared is useful for finding people or animals in smoke, fog, or the dark. These fascinating sites will help you explore outer space and have fun at the same time. Join a mission to Saturn and explore its many moons. Did you know that over 60 icy moons have been spotted in orbit around Saturn along with a force field called a magnetosphere? Solve planetary puzzles, discover your weight on different planets, and ask Dr. C questions about Mars. You…
Topic:  Outer space–Exploration    

Math Apps:
Splash Math – fun variety of math concepts (FREE)
Everyday Math Apps – games related to our math curriculum
My Math App – digital flash cards (FREE)
Motion Math: Hungry Fish – practice addition and subtraction facts (FREE)
Multiplication+ – practice multiplication facts and get statistical feedback (FREE)
Pizza Fractions – practice basic fractions (FREE)

Grammar / Spelling Apps:
Phonics Vowels
Long Vowels
Compound Word Puzzles
Spelling City

 Do you have a great educational app or website to share?  Please comment below!

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