Leaping into the Year


We are pleased to announce that Shekou International School will be hosting a TEDx event this school year! Last year, we organized the TEDxJingshan TED event and it was a tremendous success with speakers from our school and our community coming together to share their thoughts. This year, we have a name change!

TEDxShekouIntlSchool will be held on Saturday, February 29, 2020. Because this is a Leap Year, we will appropriately embrace the theme of Leap. All of our speakers will inform, inspire, surprise and delight with their stories. The team looks forward to working with our students and our community members over the next several months to hone their messages and ideas!

If you are interested in speaking at the TEDx event at SIS, please show your interest by completing this form. Once you have submitted your name, we will share the application process along with outline the support we will provide you and the commitment we expect.

Leap into TEDxShekouIntlSchool!