Faculty Mentor Guidelines

Role of the TEDx mentor for students is to:
  • Be supportive and encouraging
  • Advise and keep students on track
  • Goal setting and provide time management advice
  • Encourage regular meetings
  • Offer advice on locating resources if needed and using them efficiently
  • Ask guiding questions
  • Provide feedback on student writings
  • Celebrate achievements and successes with the students

Timeline for Mentors and Students: 

  • Benchmark 1: Watch TED talk together: identify characteristics and critique – First mentor meeting Oct. 8-11
  • Benchmark 2: Written draft 1 of speech and practice speech with mentor – Monday, October 28
  • Benchmark 3: Written draft 2 of speech and practice speech with mentor – Monday, November 11
  • Benchmark 4: Begin Slide Deck Creation by pulling images – Monday, November 18
  • Benchmark 5: Final speech submitted  – Monday, December 9
  • Benchmark 6: Final slides with Keynote submitted – Monday, January 20

Mentor Commitments

  • Conduct weekly meeting to check in on goals from previous week and set goals for next week
  • Complete a short MS Form after each meeting to document what was achieved, next week’s goal and next meeting date
  • Communicate needs to exec members – if you need a resource, please let us know!
  • Meet with exec members as needed.