January 25

G’day to everyone reading this post,

The Lego Leaguers have 3 weeks left to prepare for the competition in Guangzhou. We currently have our research, robots, and plans done. We have to do our programming and presentations and then we are set. We are still trying to raise money for a good cause please donate to Kate, (WeChat below), and comment that you did so we have a list of donors. Remember, this is for a GOOD cause. We are now blogging daily. (Only on school days.)

Best of Regards,
Ben J. and the Lego Leaguers!

January 24

Hello, Teachers and Students of SIS,

We, the Lego Leaguers, would be grateful for any change you have to spare. A few yuan could help save a dog’s LIFE. We would be ever so thankful if you could spread this blog’s address to everyone. This is important to us. We and the Diving Dolpha-bots have been working on this since September. We are not asking you to spend a few months work, but we are asking you to donate or spread the word. Please comment. Peace.

Ben J. and the Lego Leaguers (LL)

January 23

Hello everyone,

This is Ben, the “Lego Leaguers” leader reporting our first programming success. It is with our Mission “GuideDog”. Here is our program.

The geniuses that programmed it are Daniel Park and the Diving Dolpha-Bot’s, the other group, Antonio Li! Good Job. Click here to visit the Diving Dolpha-bot’s blog!

Sincerely The Lego Leaguers

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