This is a X-ray of a dog that some neighbors heard the crying from it, it’s owner was mistreating it so the took it from him and to the vet.

This is another dog for adoption.

This is how they transport the dogs to the meat market.

This is one of the dogs that Kate has for adoption.





The Lego Leaguers

Hello all,

This is the Lego Leaguers! You maybe wondering what do we do, well we are a group of people formed by the ASA of Robotics and our goal is to get as many people as possible to join us in this blog and give us as many feedback as possible. The FLL (First Lego League) is a society of the Animal Allies, (AAs) basically what it is, is what could we do to make the interaction between animals and humans better.

We met a lady called Kate and she rescues dogs from meat markets then takes them to the vet and ask people who would want to adopt them, if you would like to you we would be eternity grateful if you can donate money so we can help Kate with the vet.

We are going to Guangzhou for a competition about all I talked about in the beginning so we need as many followers as possible.

Thank you for your support.

Posted by Nicholas Blagits Dona

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