September 29, 2017

Dear Parents,

Another busy week, just zipped by! Thanks to all of the Chinese and Korean moms who came to teach us about, and help us celebrate, the mid-Autumn festivals. The children loved the events and especially making the mooncakes! 

In Writing Workshop, we have been learning about adding dialogue to our stories. This week I taught the students about quotation marks. They got so excited about the punctuation that they are adding lots of talking to their writing. It is really helping to bring their characters alive!

In reading workshop, I modeled some of the bad habits beginning readers sometimes pick up. The bad habits include: freezing when coming across an unknown word, asking for someone to tell them the word, mumbling through the word, or using the first letter to make a guess. We discussed good reading habits that can replace those bad ones. The good reading habits include: checking the picture for clues, reading all letter sounds in the word, checking that the word makes sense. Please encourage your child to use these skills at home as well!

In math, we practiced developing fact fluency as we worked together to solve story problems.

We had our first social skills lesson with class 1A. The students were all introduced to listening skills by using the Second Step program. We used a snail puppet to introduce the skills and he was quite a hit with the students!

Thank you for coming to parent conferences! It was wonderful to discuss the progress of your child and to get to know you all a little bit better.

The first day when we return from the holiday (Monday, Oct. 9) will be Library Day. Please try to remember to send in the books for return.

On Tuesday, October 10 the students will paint houses in art class. Ms. Hobbs has warned that this gets quite messy. She asks that students wear old clothes and shoes that paint won’t harm.

Wednesday, Oct. 11 the children have swimming again in PE.

Our class will perform at an assembly on the morning of Oct. 20 at 8:15. You are all invited to attend! Information about student characters and costumes will come home the week of Oct. 9.

Kind regards,

Linda ILL


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