February 9

Thank you for joining us today for our Chinese New Year celebration! We had a fantastic time performing!

It was an exciting week at school with the magic show, Nala’s birthday, Mrs. Kreb’s birthday, Valentine making and the 100th day of school. Not to mention: making 100s charts, experimenting with volume and writing non-fiction book conclusions.

Next week, we will conclude our study of non-fiction writing with an assessment of on demand research and a 45 minute writing assignment. In math, we will practice sorting by attributes. We will make Chinese New Year dragon puppets and big heart Valentine holders. On Tuesday we will get to participate in our second session of Amped.

Wednesday afternoon, the children will exchange valentine/friendship cards before departing for the holiday. If you would like to send in a treat for the children to share while they read their valentines, please send it to school in the morning with your child.

Photos below show experimenting with sound and volume, the Chinese New Year celebration and 100 Day creations.

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