March 2

It was nice to be back at school and in the swing of things again this week!

We kicked off our poetry unit by reading free verse poems written by children. We studied the poems to try to notice the topic, feeling, rhythm, word choice, line breaks, white space, use of repetition and powerful endings. Next, we wrote a class poem and then began to write individual poetry. The students have risen to the challenge and they are beginning to understand that a poem can have any topic and can convey a feeling.

In reading this week, we concentrated on coaching our reading partners. Instead of telling a word, we practiced encouraging the use of reading strategies. The students have been reminding each other to: break the word into parts, use picture clues, read to the end of the sentence for clues, try different sounds and to check if their decoding makes sense.

In math, we have been busy sorting by different attributes and taking surveys. We analyzed the data in the survey and then tried to determine how this information could be used in the real world.

We also had a lot of fun this week studying the properties of sound. Our unit culminated today in a ‘Sound Challenge’ in which the students were asked to create a sound system that could transmit sound across our classroom. Check out the videos on Seesaw!

Next week we will study the properties of light. To kick of the unit, on Thursday, Mrs. Livingston set up projectors shining on sheets of paper. She provided the students with many items to experiment with making shadows. Their curiosity has been peaked and we will start our light studies Monday!

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