April 6

I hope you had a lovely Qing Ming holiday!

Thanks to all of you who have turned in your child’s permission slip for our upcoming field trip. Remember, we will be going to Sihai Park on Thursday, April 12.

Also, thank you to those of you who volunteered to attend with us. We will be able to take the first five parents who turned in the signed permission slip. The volunteers will be the moms of: Isaac, Jeyoon, Lolita,  Vin and Winne. Please meet at school at 9:45 for a brief parent meeting before we depart. There will be more field trips coming up this month and we will try to make sure that everyone who wants to chaperone will get a turn.

Please also note that ASA’s begin on Monday, April 9. We will also be practicing a lock-down drill at school that same day.

In social studies we are studying communities. Our central idea is that goods and services allow people to satisfy their needs and wants based on where they live. We have learned the vocabulary: urban, suburban and rural. Our visit to the park will emphasize how people in urban cities need communal space to meet their needs for relaxation and exercise outdoors.

In reading workshop we are diving deep into strategies that can strengthen comprehension. So far we have focused on rereading when something doesn’t make sense and making a movie in our minds as we read.

In writing workshop we have been writing our opinions. This week we learned how to write a counterargument respectfully.

In math we have been practicing measuring in inches and problem solving with measurement.

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