April 13

It was another big week in Grade 1!

We started our new word study groups for our final trimester. The students are very focused during this work period. They are working hard studying spelling patterns, phonics and word meanings.

In our Reading Workshop we continued to strengthen our reading comprehension by focusing on keeping track of characters and who is speaking. We also learned to decipher the meaning of new words by rereading, continuing reading and studying pictures.

In Writing Workshop the students learned to strengthen their opinion writing by adding quotes from experts. They then revised for word choice and edited for correct spelling, capitalization and punctuation. On Monday their final copies should all be ready to share!

In math we have moved on to measuring with standard units. The students now understand the units must be standard to allow for comparison and consistency.

Our study of communities was enhanced by our field trip to Sihai Park. The students saw that in an urban city environment the citizens need outdoor space to exercise, socialize and be in nature. Thanks to all of our volunteers who accompanied us!

Next week will be another one:

M. April 16-

  • visiting author Helene Becker will present to the children
  • K-2 Field Day takes place in the afternoon (Parents are welcome to attend, you can join the fun at 12:55 on the Sports Field. See the attachment for student t-shirt colors.)

T. April 17-

  • AMPed

W. April 18-

  • Literacy Lounge, Level 5 we will meet our book buddies to read published pieces written by each SIS class

F. April 20-

  • Field Trip to Tian Ho Temple 8:30 to 10:30

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