May 4

Thanks to all of you for supporting our field trips and learning outside of the classroom! Our field trips this week were meaningful to the students as they had real life experiences. Our discussion today focused on why food costs more at a fancy grocery store than it does at the wet market. The children were very thoughtful and their responses about cost of transport, building maintenance, packaging etc. were insightful.

This week we did a lot of reflecting on our learning as we prepare our portfolios for the upcoming conferences on May 10. I’m looking forward to the day and the children are excited too.

We have started our new science unit about plants and animals. The children have planted alfalfa and rye grass. Later we will trim the plants and see which ones survive and why. Next week, we will plant wheat seeds in a clear straw to clearly observe how wheat grows.

In math, we will continue our study of 3D shapes as we construct buildings to form a community.

We have library next Tuesday.

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