May 18

We started new units in both reading and writing workshop this week! We are reading series of books that focus on one main character and the problems they encounter. We are also writing our own series of realistic fiction. The students have made up and named pretend characters and then imagined problems for them to encounter. Next week we will focus our efforts on realistic story endings.

In math we are wrapping up our study of 3D shapes by mapping out our planned city using a class grid.

We will continue learning about plant needs next week as we plant wheat seeds in clear straws to see their various parts as they grow.

Remember, we will celebrate our AMPed learning on Wednesday morning at 8:00 to 9:00 in the school SPAH.

Thursday we will meet with our book buddies to tour their photo exhibition accompanied by poetry written by 1B.

If your child will depart prior to the last day of school, please let me know for planning purposes.

Also, we are making up class lists for grade 2 next week. If your child will not be attending grade 2 at SIS please let our school office know.

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