June 1, 2018

Dear Parents,

In spite of all the excitement about summer, the learning is still going strong in 1B!

We are reading series books and also writing our own chapter books. The students have created characters that they are sending on all kinds of adventures!

We spent our math time this week working with fractions. The children have labeled, sorted and colored halves, thirds and fourths. We also made ‘fracterpillars’ (fraction caterpillars) out of three different colors of pompoms. The students then wrote a fraction for each color.

Our study of plant structures continued this week with the students planting cuttings, bulbs and roots. They are observing and documenting the plant growth as they realize that plants don’t just grow from seeds.

Next week, Ms. Shepard has given her music students the opportunity to play a musical piece in front of 1B. She has invited students to bring an instrument from home on Tuesday for this in class performance. This is optional.

If you have any library books kicking around home, please make sure they are returned to school by Thursday.

You are invited to join us at 8:00 on the morning of June 13 in our classroom. Each child will receive an end-of-year award. The children will also share their published piece of realistic fiction writing with you.

Kind regards,

Linda ILL

PS If your child will be departing early this year, please let me know.

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