Math Facts

Dear Parents,

This year my students are going to be spending time daily practicing and learning math facts, beginning in the operation of addition. Our class will keep working on these facts until everyone knows all the facts in this operation instantly, without any pause before answering. We will be using a fun and motivating program called Kicking It Math! It will take only a few minutes each day of class time, but students will keep working until they have mastered all the facts.

A fact is mastered when it can be answered instantly, without any pause. Kicking It Math! is unique because it teaches only 2 facts and their reverses at each level. For example 6+3, 3+6, 4+5 and 5+4. The program allows each child to go at his or her own pace, taking as many days to master those two facts as needed. Students are given an opportunity daily to show they have learned a set of facts by passing a timed five minute test. We consider a pass to be 100% correct or just one mistake. Once students “pass” a set of facts, they color in the belt for that set on their “Karate Belt Chart.”

On Fridays I will send home the math quizzes from the week. Please take time to look them over and support your child with any facts they may be struggling with. Flashcards are helpful for review.

On the quizzes I use a check mark to indicate an error, a dot to indicate a reversed number and a line to indicate no answer. I return the quizzes to the children daily and ask that they be ‘fixed and finished’. When they correct an error I write a ‘c’ for correct over the check mark. If your child did not have time during the week to fix all mistakes then please help him/her complete the corrections at home.

Learning all the facts in an operation is a lot of work, but future success in math is dependent upon knowing facts so well that the answers come automatically without much thinking. You can also help by sharing with your child the importance of learning math facts. Thank you so much for your support of this critical learning goal. I will keep you notified of your child’s success in this important task.

On another note, it was a pleasure meeting with all of you at parent teacher conferences. I wish you all a lovely holiday!


Linda ILL

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