This is an eventful time in Grade 1 and I have lots of reminders to share with you!

Jan. 23, Wednesday- is a student council initiated Disco Day. The students may choose to dance to disco music during recess. This is a non-uniform day. The sign up link for parent conferences will also be sent home this day.

Jan. 24, Thursday- library day.

Jan. 25, Friday- you will have access to student reports.

Jan. 26, Saturday- Discover China Day! 12:00 to 3:00 on the school sports field

Jan. 28, Monday- Korean New Year rotation activities.

Jan. 29, Tuesday- Field trip to celebrate Chinese New Year, 12:45 to 2:45.

Jan. 30, Wednesday- no class for students, Student Led Conferences

Jan. 31, Thursday- 8:15 Chinese New Year assembly, 9:00 lion dance. This is a non-uniform school day. Students are encouraged to dress in Chinese clothing. Children can bring PE clothes to change into. This will still be a library day.

If your child will be missing any days of school next week, please let me know.



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