Grade 1 Standards and Benchmarks

On Friday, your first grader’s semester one report card will be available to you online. This is a new report card from years past, and we thought it might be helpful to share what this document looks like from a grade one perspective.

Over two semesters, your child will receive instruction, and be assessed in multiple ways over 70 different standards. This semester, they have been given instruction, chances to practice, and multiple types of assessment on 49 of these standards. The standards are uniform from grades KG to 5, so we are providing to you the document we used that breaks those overall standards into grade specific standards. It’s quite the comprehensive report!

Your child will be receiving a B (for limited understanding of the standard), an A (for approaching the standard), P (demonstrates understanding of the standard independently), or EX (is performing above the grade one requirements for that standard) on each of the assessed standards.

If you see an N/A, it simply means that standard has not been addressed yet.

According to educational psychologists and curriculum experts, the developmental window for proficient is very wide at this young age. The children are developing at different times and at different rates. The bulk of children will demonstrate their understanding of the standards at the Approaching or Proficient level. If they receive a B, then interventions should be occurring. If they receive an EX, then extensions are being provided. Please note, that just because your child receives a certain mark on an assessment, does not mean that he/she would automatically receive that mark on the report card. Formal assessments are only one way we evaluate students. We are also using informal assessments to determine if the student is consistently performing at that level.

Attached is a chart that includes the general standard that will be written on your child’s report card. Next to it, in the second column is that same standard written using grade one expectations and terminology.

We hope this is helpful. The Grade One Teachers

Parent Guidelines for Reporting Standards 2018-19 copy-1lexwse

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