Dear Parents,

It is nice to be back in school this week with the students. I think the highlight of the week for all of us was the Friendship Day card exchange. The student’s notes were thoughtful, meaningful and caring.

In addition to writing friendship notes we also worked on our opinion writing based on the student’s individual collections. On Monday we will complete and edit our work. Then the children will bring their collections home.

In reading workshop, we are using many strategies to help us read unknown words. We practiced coaching as reading partners, instead of just telling our partner the word, we suggested strategies to try. The students have also been encouraged to slow down when reading challenging material to make sure they are comprehending what they read. We have also focused on reading the end of words (ing, s, ed) and what those endings mean.

In math, we continued to practice measurement with inch long tiles. We are also working on problem solving to compare the length of specific items.

Next week, we will celebrate the 100th day of school. The students will rotate through the different grade 1 rooms to do activities all based on 100. Throughout the week, the children will also be sharing their 100 day posters. The presenters will be assessed for speaking and listening so please help your child prepare at home. The information letter is posted at the bottom of this note.

We are also beginning our unit of inquiry for How We Organize Ourselves.

In this unit we will study goods and services, needs and wants. We will go on four field trips associated with this learning. The first field trip will be to Sihai Park on Feb. 21. The students will learn how this resource meets the needs of people in our community. Later we will also go to the wet market, Ole, and the local temple.

Have a lovely weekend,

Linda ILL

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