Chaperones/Dream Day

Thanks to all of you who accompanied us on our field trip to Sihai Park. It was a wonderful day enjoying our lovely community resource. After the trip the students reflected on how the park meets the needs and wants of our community members.

Our study of community will continue next week with learning about goods and services tied in with field trips to Ole grocery store and the wet market.

Chaperones for the Ole field trip (Tuesday Feb. 26) will be the parents of: Armand, Joshua, Ollie, Rebecca, William and Yijun. The parent meeting will be ten minutes prior to departure at 9:35.

Chaperones for the Wet Market field trip (Thursday, Feb. 28) will be the parents of: Benjamin, Kyle, Lily, Ollie, Shunto, Zoey. The parent meeting will be ten minutes prior to departure at 8:05.

Student Council is sponsoring a Dream Day next week in which students can dress as the career person they hope to be someday. Examples shown at assembly included dressing as an artist, a gymnast and a writer.

Due to our field trips, Grade 1 will celebrate this day on Wednesday, Feb. 27. This is a non-uniform day, students may dress up as a career person.

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