Dear Parents and Students,

We did it! The books have been selected especially for young children, purchased, and stickered and placed in special Bus Buddy totes. We had a short ceremony this afternoon and the books were put on all eleven buses today! The older students have been recruited and we’re all excited to see Bus Buddies become a reality. It was third grader, Felix’s dream, that older kids will read with younger kids, that younger kids will be happier on the bus rides, and that SIS will enjoy a sense of family as new friendships are formed across the grades. The grade one students were amazing as they worked with Felix to make this dream come true.

By selling raffle tickets for our geometry quilts, we raised 8,107 RMB. We used 2,725 RMB to pay for materials, seamstress fees, books, and totes. The remaining 5,382 RMB will be used to purchase books for an after-school center that serves children of migrant families living in Shenzhen.

Thanks for supporting our service-learning project!

Kind regards,

The Grade One Team


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