Way to go!

Hats off to 1B! I was delighted with our students performance this morning. Thanks, Parents, for giving your child your time to help with rereading practice. The fluency the students are developing is truly amazing! Also, thank you for the wonderful costumes. They absolutely ‘made’ the play.

It was lots of fun having so many parents join us for Learning Comes Alive. I am glad you were with us for the kick off of our new reading unit, Word Detectives. Please encourage your child to discover tricky words by being detectives using letter sounds, picture clues and end of the sentence clues. When reading with your child, remember, “Help, don’t tell”.

Thanks to Mrs. Bohara, our EAL teacher, for teaching us a lesson about Dewali this week. We enjoyed learning about the celebrations that take place in India and other areas of the world too. Our colorful rangolis are hanging in our classroom now.

The fun continues next week with swim class on Tuesday, October 24 and Halloween celebrations on Friday, October 27. (Please refer to the PSA letter for more details.)

Next week we will begin our new science unit, Air and Weather. The four classes will rotate through lessons with all of the grade 1 teachers.

We will also kick off a writing unit focusing on How To books.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy The Trolls!

Linda ILL


Dear Parents,

1B will be performing a play at our school wide assembly on Friday, October 20. You are invited to watch the performance at 8:15 in our school  SPAH.

We will show a video of each student reading aloud a page from How Chipmunk Got His Stripes written by Joseph and James Bruchac. As the video plays the students will dramatize the story on stage.

This performance will reflect the hard work our students are doing to develop their reading fluency and expression.

There are a couple ways you can help us prepare for this assembly:

1.Please help your child practice reading the story page they are bringing home in their homework folder tonight. Emphasize correct pronunciation, reading with expression and using a loud voice. We practiced reading these pages before the holiday, so most of the children are almost ready for filming. We will begin filming those who are ready tomorrow.

2. Please assemble a costume for your child. The students will make animal face masks in art class, but they will need the rest of their costume. I ask that you try not to spend money on these costumes, but instead use old clothing items from home. Have fun getting creative! I will include the entire list of characters below so you can share with each other if you have certain costume items already available.

Little Brown Squirrel (no stripes)- Mille

Little Chipmunk (with stripes)- Victoria

Grandma Squirrel (no stripes)- Lolita

Bear- Isaac

Fox- Jeyoon

Wolf- Nicole

Deer- Alyssa

Moose- Tian Tian

Rabbit- Diana

Porcupine- Monica

Hawk- Nala

Owl- Winnie

Otter- Alexey

Beaver- Vin

Frog- Aaron

Turtle- Yuki

Mice- Ceci, Eric

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Linda ILL

September 29, 2017

Dear Parents,

Another busy week, just zipped by! Thanks to all of the Chinese and Korean moms who came to teach us about, and help us celebrate, the mid-Autumn festivals. The children loved the events and especially making the mooncakes! 

In Writing Workshop, we have been learning about adding dialogue to our stories. This week I taught the students about quotation marks. They got so excited about the punctuation that they are adding lots of talking to their writing. It is really helping to bring their characters alive!

In reading workshop, I modeled some of the bad habits beginning readers sometimes pick up. The bad habits include: freezing when coming across an unknown word, asking for someone to tell them the word, mumbling through the word, or using the first letter to make a guess. We discussed good reading habits that can replace those bad ones. The good reading habits include: checking the picture for clues, reading all letter sounds in the word, checking that the word makes sense. Please encourage your child to use these skills at home as well!

In math, we practiced developing fact fluency as we worked together to solve story problems.

We had our first social skills lesson with class 1A. The students were all introduced to listening skills by using the Second Step program. We used a snail puppet to introduce the skills and he was quite a hit with the students!

Thank you for coming to parent conferences! It was wonderful to discuss the progress of your child and to get to know you all a little bit better.

The first day when we return from the holiday (Monday, Oct. 9) will be Library Day. Please try to remember to send in the books for return.

On Tuesday, October 10 the students will paint houses in art class. Ms. Hobbs has warned that this gets quite messy. She asks that students wear old clothes and shoes that paint won’t harm.

Wednesday, Oct. 11 the children have swimming again in PE.

Our class will perform at an assembly on the morning of Oct. 20 at 8:15. You are all invited to attend! Information about student characters and costumes will come home the week of Oct. 9.

Kind regards,

Linda ILL


Cardboard Challenge

The event will be held on Oct 22, 2017 from 8-4 (full day event).

The first Global Cardboard Challenge culminated in a Day of Play on Oct 6, 2012. This event celebrates kid-creativity and the power of local community. 

The Cardboard Challenge happens each year in early October. It has had over 500,000 kids take part! Check the #cardboardchallenge hashtag on twitter and instagram for inspiration.
Take the challenge at Level 5 this October 22nd and join a movement to foster creative play in kids worldwide!

This event is a free, but a ticketed (because of space) for SIS families at The Level 5. Please arrive in the morning for the event kick-off but leave when you are ready, and finished your creation.

PSA will sponsor the Snacks and Drinks during the events.

Parents are asked to stay for the entire time their children are at the event as this is a family focused creation challenge!

We will need A LOT of cardboard! Please help us by donating cardboard at Level 5.

Even though it is still far away, timing wise, however, we need people to RSVP in advance, using the link below

An event on Facebook:

Thank you for all the helps and support.

Poppy Tedja

September 22, 2017

This week was packed with learning activities! In reading workshop we focused on rereading to smooth our voices as we develop fluency. We also noticed how rereading helps clarify our thoughts and understanding of the story. We learned that studying the pictures as we reread also adds to our comprehension.

In writing workshop we learned to use the word wall for help with spelling our friend’s names and sight words. We practiced bringing our characters alive by showing their actions and writing dialogue in speech balloons.

We started our word study groups using the Words Their Way program. The students are learning to sort words according to their letter sounds and patterns.

During handwriting time we are focusing on ‘frog jump letters’ those that start with a downward stroke and then require the pencil to be picked up (frog jump) for the next stroke. These letters include: F, E, D, P, B, R, N and M.

In math workshop we continued to solve story problems individually and with a small group. We read the book The Hungry Caterpillar and added up the growing amounts of food he was eating. While playing games, the students focused on finding the total of two or more quantities up to a total of 20 by counting all, counting on, or using number combinations.

In Social Studies, we read sections of the book Wake Up, World to learn about how our lives are similar and different to that of children living in other countries. We placed each of our pictures on a world map, and then compared our playtime and school to those of the children living in other countries.

Along with all of that, we had fun meeting our new classmate, Ceci and also celebrated her birthday on Tuesday.

The students also earned a reward documentary movie about sharks by following directions well in the cafeteria.

Next week, we will be celebrating both the Korean and Chinese autumn holidays in our classroom. Thank you to all of you who have stepped forward to lead the activities and lessons!

I will be sending home the parent teacher conference link shortly (Friday afternoon). Please remember to sign up. I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Thursday, Sept. 28.

Friday, we will celebrate Vin’s birthday!



September 15, 2017

Dear Parents,

I hope you are enjoying the three day weekend with your child! We teachers spent time today learning about techniques for teaching EAL from two Australian consultants. It was a productive and inspiring day.

This past week in the classroom it felt that our routines became firmly established. Our class is focusing as a cohesive group. The children are treating each other respectfully and working well together as learning partners.

My favorite part of the day all week was at the end of the writers workshop when two students share their writing with the whole class. The other students listen and give compliments and tips to the writer. It is a time when the students get to act as teachers. They comment using the writing tips they have learned in mini-lessons and it so rewarding for me to see that they are internalizing those lessons.

Next week we will start Word Study within grade 1. The students have been tested and grouped homogeneously according to their phonetic spelling abilities. For twenty minutes each day they will practice phonics using the Words Their Way program. Depending on the group they are assigned to your child may be with me or one of the other grade 1 teachers for these lessons. Apparently in the past the students look forward to this segment of the day when they get to study with friends from other classes.

We will be welcoming a new friend to our class on Monday! Our new student is a girl named Ceci. We are all excited about her arrival.

A couple for next week:

  • We have swim lessons on T. and Fri. Please remember to pack a swimsuit, towel, goggles, etc.
  • Library will be on Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend!

Kind regards,

Linda ILL

September 8

Dear Parents,

It was another fun week with lots of learning taking place! We started sight word work, got homework packing routines in place and began working with partners during both reading and writing workshops.

During math we have been comparing numbers up to twenty and we learned how to use symbols that represent more than and less than. Mrs. Boharu stepped in to teach a fun math lesson about the pronunciation difference between teen and decade numbers. 14/40, 18/80 etc.

We have been learning about communities by focusing on a community of helpers that rescued a lost whale named Humphrey.

Mille has joined us now in 1B so our class is complete! We had fun celebrating her birthday today.

On Monday, Mr. Daniel will substitute in 1B so that I can use the day to formally assess the student’s reading levels.

Remember there is no school for children on Friday, September 15 due to a professional learning day for teachers. Our focus that day will be English as an Additional Language.

Swimming lessons are coming up! Please see the attached letter from our PE instructors.

Also, if you haven’t sent in a family photo yet, please do!

Kind regards,

Linda ILL