Dear Parents and Students,

We did it! The books have been selected especially for young children, purchased, and stickered and placed in special Bus Buddy totes. We had a short ceremony this afternoon and the books were put on all eleven buses today! The older students have been recruited and we’re all excited to see Bus Buddies become a reality. It was third grader, Felix’s dream, that older kids will read with younger kids, that younger kids will be happier on the bus rides, and that SIS will enjoy a sense of family as new friendships are formed across the grades. The grade one students were amazing as they worked with Felix to make this dream come true.

By selling raffle tickets for our geometry quilts, we raised 8,107 RMB. We used 2,725 RMB to pay for materials, seamstress fees, books, and totes. The remaining 5,382 RMB will be used to purchase books for an after-school center that serves children of migrant families living in Shenzhen.

Thanks for supporting our service-learning project!

Kind regards,

The Grade One Team


Chaperones/Dream Day

Thanks to all of you who accompanied us on our field trip to Sihai Park. It was a wonderful day enjoying our lovely community resource. After the trip the students reflected on how the park meets the needs and wants of our community members.

Our study of community will continue next week with learning about goods and services tied in with field trips to Ole grocery store and the wet market.

Chaperones for the Ole field trip (Tuesday Feb. 26) will be the parents of: Armand, Joshua, Ollie, Rebecca, William and Yijun. The parent meeting will be ten minutes prior to departure at 9:35.

Chaperones for the Wet Market field trip (Thursday, Feb. 28) will be the parents of: Benjamin, Kyle, Lily, Ollie, Shunto, Zoey. The parent meeting will be ten minutes prior to departure at 8:05.

Student Council is sponsoring a Dream Day next week in which students can dress as the career person they hope to be someday. Examples shown at assembly included dressing as an artist, a gymnast and a writer.

Due to our field trips, Grade 1 will celebrate this day on Wednesday, Feb. 27. This is a non-uniform day, students may dress up as a career person.

Dear Parents,

It is nice to be back in school this week with the students. I think the highlight of the week for all of us was the Friendship Day card exchange. The student’s notes were thoughtful, meaningful and caring.

In addition to writing friendship notes we also worked on our opinion writing based on the student’s individual collections. On Monday we will complete and edit our work. Then the children will bring their collections home.

In reading workshop, we are using many strategies to help us read unknown words. We practiced coaching as reading partners, instead of just telling our partner the word, we suggested strategies to try. The students have also been encouraged to slow down when reading challenging material to make sure they are comprehending what they read. We have also focused on reading the end of words (ing, s, ed) and what those endings mean.

In math, we continued to practice measurement with inch long tiles. We are also working on problem solving to compare the length of specific items.

Next week, we will celebrate the 100th day of school. The students will rotate through the different grade 1 rooms to do activities all based on 100. Throughout the week, the children will also be sharing their 100 day posters. The presenters will be assessed for speaking and listening so please help your child prepare at home. The information letter is posted at the bottom of this note.

We are also beginning our unit of inquiry for How We Organize Ourselves.

In this unit we will study goods and services, needs and wants. We will go on four field trips associated with this learning. The first field trip will be to Sihai Park on Feb. 21. The students will learn how this resource meets the needs of people in our community. Later we will also go to the wet market, Ole, and the local temple.

Have a lovely weekend,

Linda ILL

A special thanks to Joshua and Yunki’s moms, Sun Ah and Sanghee, for teaching us about Korean New Year! The students enjoyed learning about the Korean language, clothing, games and snacks!

The children also had a wonderful field trip to the nursing home to make Chinese New Years cards.

We are looking forward to continuing to celebrate Chinese New Year on Thursday with a special assembly followed by a lion dance. Remember, Thursday is a non-uniform day. The students are encouraged to dress in traditional Chinese clothing.

We will also have library on tomorrow, so please remember to send in the books!

When we return in February the students will begin writing friendship cards for our exchange on Feb. 14. Their homework for this week will shift from reading to writing as the children will be asked to write 4-5 cards each evening.

In reading, we will continue to “be the boss of our own reading” taking ownership for tackling difficult words. In writing, we will focus on writing opinions, using our collections to elaborate about the best in show.

In math, we will focus on measurement using non-standard measuring tools.

Looking ahead, we will celebrate the 100th day of school on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Your child will be asked to bring to school a collection of 100 items. You will hear more about this later.

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Please see photos below from our publishing party, Chinese New Year celebrations and Korean New Year celebrations.

Grade 1 Standards and Benchmarks

On Friday, your first grader’s semester one report card will be available to you online. This is a new report card from years past, and we thought it might be helpful to share what this document looks like from a grade one perspective.

Over two semesters, your child will receive instruction, and be assessed in multiple ways over 70 different standards. This semester, they have been given instruction, chances to practice, and multiple types of assessment on 49 of these standards. The standards are uniform from grades KG to 5, so we are providing to you the document we used that breaks those overall standards into grade specific standards. It’s quite the comprehensive report!

Your child will be receiving a B (for limited understanding of the standard), an A (for approaching the standard), P (demonstrates understanding of the standard independently), or EX (is performing above the grade one requirements for that standard) on each of the assessed standards.

If you see an N/A, it simply means that standard has not been addressed yet.

According to educational psychologists and curriculum experts, the developmental window for proficient is very wide at this young age. The children are developing at different times and at different rates. The bulk of children will demonstrate their understanding of the standards at the Approaching or Proficient level. If they receive a B, then interventions should be occurring. If they receive an EX, then extensions are being provided. Please note, that just because your child receives a certain mark on an assessment, does not mean that he/she would automatically receive that mark on the report card. Formal assessments are only one way we evaluate students. We are also using informal assessments to determine if the student is consistently performing at that level.

Attached is a chart that includes the general standard that will be written on your child’s report card. Next to it, in the second column is that same standard written using grade one expectations and terminology.

We hope this is helpful. The Grade One Teachers

Parent Guidelines for Reporting Standards 2018-19 copy-1lexwse


This is an eventful time in Grade 1 and I have lots of reminders to share with you!

Jan. 23, Wednesday- is a student council initiated Disco Day. The students may choose to dance to disco music during recess. This is a non-uniform day. The sign up link for parent conferences will also be sent home this day.

Jan. 24, Thursday- library day.

Jan. 25, Friday- you will have access to student reports.

Jan. 26, Saturday- Discover China Day! 12:00 to 3:00 on the school sports field

Jan. 28, Monday- Korean New Year rotation activities.

Jan. 29, Tuesday- Field trip to celebrate Chinese New Year, 12:45 to 2:45.

Jan. 30, Wednesday- no class for students, Student Led Conferences

Jan. 31, Thursday- 8:15 Chinese New Year assembly, 9:00 lion dance. This is a non-uniform school day. Students are encouraged to dress in Chinese clothing. Children can bring PE clothes to change into. This will still be a library day.

If your child will be missing any days of school next week, please let me know.