Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs)

SIS Learners are nurtured to become:

  • Communicators who…

Listen, read, write, and speak effectively
Express needs, knowledge, desires, and opinions appropriately
Initiate reflective and meaningful conversations

  • Independent Learners who…

Exhibit confidence, initiative, and personal management
Apply appropriate strategies for producing and retaining information
Develop habits that maintain responsibility along with mental and physical health

  • Collaborators who…

Foster positive relationships in diverse settings
Establish and accomplish goals within groups
Ask questions for clarification and understanding

  • Complex Thinkers who…

Evaluate the significance of diverse concepts
Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information
Engage in a reflective process for continual improvement

  • Global Citizens who…

Contribute to their immediate and extended communities
Promote an ethos of care and empathy
Model compassion for fellow human beings

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