May 4

Thanks to all of you for supporting our field trips and learning outside of the classroom! Our field trips this week were meaningful to the students as they had real life experiences. Our discussion today focused on why food costs more at a fancy grocery store than it does at the wet market. The children were very thoughtful and their responses about cost of transport, building maintenance, packaging etc. were insightful.

This week we did a lot of reflecting on our learning as we prepare our portfolios for the upcoming conferences on May 10. I’m looking forward to the day and the children are excited too.

We have started our new science unit about plants and animals. The children have planted alfalfa and rye grass. Later we will trim the plants and see which ones survive and why. Next week, we will plant wheat seeds in a clear straw to clearly observe how wheat grows.

In math, we will continue our study of 3D shapes as we construct buildings to form a community.

We have library next Tuesday.

Field Trips

Our field trip to Ole grocery store is Wednesday May 2.

Your child should….

-wear a school shirt

-bring a plastic or cloth bag (to put the food they buy in)

Your child should NOT…

-bring money or valuables

Our Wet Market trip will be Friday, May 4.

Your child should…

wear closed toe shoes

-wear a school shirt

-bring a plastic or cloth bag (to put the food they buy in)

Your child should NOT..

-bring money or valuables

Your child will bring home the food they bought at the market, please use it in your meals this week and send email photos of how the food was used. We will use it to compare different types of food we eat.

April 20

Thanks once again to all of you who accompanied us on our field trip today. We got lucky with nice, cool weather. When we returned from the trip we watched a slide show of pictures I had taken at the temple and the children’s insights were remarkable. They described it as a place that felt safe, comfortable, peaceful and calm. They understand it was built by fisherman to bring them blessings and protection. They could explain it meets the needs of people in our culture who want a place to pray (or ‘make wishes’) for their wants and needs.

On Monday, you will see yet again another permission slip come home. This slip will cover two field trips that we will take the first week in May to Ole Grocery Store and the Wet Market. The children will discover how where they live (near the sea) is reflected in what is sold at the wet market (produce and fish) as opposed to the imported goods at Ole. They will also purchase items and compare the price of local and imported goods.

We wrapped up our study of measurement in math this week. We are now embarking on a geometry unit. In writing workshop, we are continuing to focus on writing opinions, but now we are reviewing restaurants and eating establishments. In reading workshop, we are preparing to make audio recordings of our favorite books for the school library. The children are working on developing their fluency, expression and timing when reading aloud.

Next week, we will also celebrate and learn about Earth Day.

Monday, April 23- our visiting author, Helaine Becker will present to the students. *The students will also have swimming in PE class. Please remember to send swim gear!

Tuesday, April 24- Library day! Learning Comes Alive in Chinese class, 1:25pm.

Wednesday, April 25- the 9th graders will come to teach us a nutrition lesson, we go to the literacy lounge to meet our book buddies at 11:00

Thursday, April 26- vision screening, swimming in PE!

Friday, April 27- Talent show at 1:00. We are currently slotted for swimming but Mr. Elliott is looking for a date to reschedule. We will keep you posted.

Wear blue and green for Earth Day.


April 13

It was another big week in Grade 1!

We started our new word study groups for our final trimester. The students are very focused during this work period. They are working hard studying spelling patterns, phonics and word meanings.

In our Reading Workshop we continued to strengthen our reading comprehension by focusing on keeping track of characters and who is speaking. We also learned to decipher the meaning of new words by rereading, continuing reading and studying pictures.

In Writing Workshop the students learned to strengthen their opinion writing by adding quotes from experts. They then revised for word choice and edited for correct spelling, capitalization and punctuation. On Monday their final copies should all be ready to share!

In math we have moved on to measuring with standard units. The students now understand the units must be standard to allow for comparison and consistency.

Our study of communities was enhanced by our field trip to Sihai Park. The students saw that in an urban city environment the citizens need outdoor space to exercise, socialize and be in nature. Thanks to all of our volunteers who accompanied us!

Next week will be another one:

M. April 16-

  • visiting author Helene Becker will present to the children
  • K-2 Field Day takes place in the afternoon (Parents are welcome to attend, you can join the fun at 12:55 on the Sports Field. See the attachment for student t-shirt colors.)

T. April 17-

  • AMPed

W. April 18-

  • Literacy Lounge, Level 5 we will meet our book buddies to read published pieces written by each SIS class

F. April 20-

  • Field Trip to Tian Ho Temple 8:30 to 10:30

Swim Schedule

Dear Parents,

Please find below the ES swimming schedule for the 3rd trimester. Please read through the swimming schedule, and check your child’s lesson day. Please also ensure that your child brings their swimming clothes/equipment on their designated day. Swimming is a mandatory part of our curriculum,
we therefore ask that you help prepare your child with all the necessary items for each swimming lesson. For our younger students, parents are welcome to come help with getting their child changed into their swimming clothes. We will swim during each lesson, unless the weather prohibits us from doing so.

The swim lesson dates for Mr. Elliott’s classes are as follows:

Classes KD, 1D, 2D, 3B, 5A

April 24, 25
May 2, 3, 8, 9, 14

Classes KB, 1B, 2B, 3D, 4B, 5B

April 23, 26, 27 May 4, 7, 11

Swimming equipment

-Swimming clothes -Goggles -Sunblock

-Dry bag -Water bottle

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at:

Thank you,

Rob Elliott
SIS ES PE Teacher

April 11th, 2018

April 6

I hope you had a lovely Qing Ming holiday!

Thanks to all of you who have turned in your child’s permission slip for our upcoming field trip. Remember, we will be going to Sihai Park on Thursday, April 12.

Also, thank you to those of you who volunteered to attend with us. We will be able to take the first five parents who turned in the signed permission slip. The volunteers will be the moms of: Isaac, Jeyoon, Lolita,  Vin and Winne. Please meet at school at 9:45 for a brief parent meeting before we depart. There will be more field trips coming up this month and we will try to make sure that everyone who wants to chaperone will get a turn.

Please also note that ASA’s begin on Monday, April 9. We will also be practicing a lock-down drill at school that same day.

In social studies we are studying communities. Our central idea is that goods and services allow people to satisfy their needs and wants based on where they live. We have learned the vocabulary: urban, suburban and rural. Our visit to the park will emphasize how people in urban cities need communal space to meet their needs for relaxation and exercise outdoors.

In reading workshop we are diving deep into strategies that can strengthen comprehension. So far we have focused on rereading when something doesn’t make sense and making a movie in our minds as we read.

In writing workshop we have been writing our opinions. This week we learned how to write a counterargument respectfully.

In math we have been practicing measuring in inches and problem solving with measurement.

March 22

I hope you all get to enjoy quality family time over our spring break. I am off to Cambodia to see the temples at Angkor Watt.

Please remember to keep the momentum moving forward with your child’s reading by having them read every day! They are all so excited about beginning to read chapter books!

Our class also did a bang up job this week writing in the genre of opinion. They wrote persuasive letters to the dirty pigeon in Mo Willem’s book, The Pigeon Needs a Bath! Their reasoning was amazing! We revised and edited their letters and they are hanging on the bulletin board outside our classroom.

In math, we are practicing measuring with non-standard units such as tiles, paper clips and unifix cubes. The students understand that the units must go from end to end with no spaces for accurate measuring.

We wrapped up our science unit about light and sound. When we return we will start a social studies unit focused on our local resources and economy. This unit includes lots of fun field trips!

Have a lovely week.

Happy Birthday, Tian Tian!

Studying Reflections

Congrats Diana and Vin!

March 8

Another fun week has passed quickly by!

We read and wrote poetry, became entranced by the Magic Tree House series of chapter books, took class surveys and learned how to present data, attended an AMPed session and explored light and shadows. Today we learned the terms: opaque (no light shines through), translucent (some light shines through) and transparent (light shines through).

Next week is Book Week and it is going to be another busy week!

Here are some reminders for the week:

Monday, Mar. 12- We are kicking off Book Week by wearing our pajamas to school and bringing a favorite book and stuffed animal to class. To make the day extra special we are also asking each child to bring a sleeping bag or blanket that can be folded in half. We will set up the blankets all over the floor and have a big Book-in-a-Bag read-a-thon!

Tuesday, Mar. 13- Library day, return books!

Thursday, Mar. 15- 8:10 to 8:30 Publishing Party! Please come to 1B to celebrate the students nonfiction writing. In a small group, you will listen to several children read their writing aloud. Then in your home language you will write a compliment to the students. We hope to see you there!

Friday, Mar. 16- Dress as a favorite book character. The students will celebrate reading by attending rotational literacy based activities sponsored by our PSA.

* I will be absent from school tomorrow. Mr. Daniel Suh will be my sub. If your child’s after school transportation plans change tomorrow, March 10, please email Lisa Lai or Daniel Suh