March 22

I hope you all get to enjoy quality family time over our spring break. I am off to Cambodia to see the temples at Angkor Watt.

Please remember to keep the momentum moving forward with your child’s reading by having them read every day! They are all so excited about beginning to read chapter books!

Our class also did a bang up job this week writing in the genre of opinion. They wrote persuasive letters to the dirty pigeon in Mo Willem’s book, The Pigeon Needs a Bath! Their reasoning was amazing! We revised and edited their letters and they are hanging on the bulletin board outside our classroom.

In math, we are practicing measuring with non-standard units such as tiles, paper clips and unifix cubes. The students understand that the units must go from end to end with no spaces for accurate measuring.

We wrapped up our science unit about light and sound. When we return we will start a social studies unit focused on our local resources and economy. This unit includes lots of fun field trips!

Have a lovely week.

Happy Birthday, Tian Tian!

Studying Reflections

Congrats Diana and Vin!

March 8

Another fun week has passed quickly by!

We read and wrote poetry, became entranced by the Magic Tree House series of chapter books, took class surveys and learned how to present data, attended an AMPed session and explored light and shadows. Today we learned the terms: opaque (no light shines through), translucent (some light shines through) and transparent (light shines through).

Next week is Book Week and it is going to be another busy week!

Here are some reminders for the week:

Monday, Mar. 12- We are kicking off Book Week by wearing our pajamas to school and bringing a favorite book and stuffed animal to class. To make the day extra special we are also asking each child to bring a sleeping bag or blanket that can be folded in half. We will set up the blankets all over the floor and have a big Book-in-a-Bag read-a-thon!

Tuesday, Mar. 13- Library day, return books!

Thursday, Mar. 15- 8:10 to 8:30 Publishing Party! Please come to 1B to celebrate the students nonfiction writing. In a small group, you will listen to several children read their writing aloud. Then in your home language you will write a compliment to the students. We hope to see you there!

Friday, Mar. 16- Dress as a favorite book character. The students will celebrate reading by attending rotational literacy based activities sponsored by our PSA.

* I will be absent from school tomorrow. Mr. Daniel Suh will be my sub. If your child’s after school transportation plans change tomorrow, March 10, please email Lisa Lai or Daniel Suh

March 2

It was nice to be back at school and in the swing of things again this week!

We kicked off our poetry unit by reading free verse poems written by children. We studied the poems to try to notice the topic, feeling, rhythm, word choice, line breaks, white space, use of repetition and powerful endings. Next, we wrote a class poem and then began to write individual poetry. The students have risen to the challenge and they are beginning to understand that a poem can have any topic and can convey a feeling.

In reading this week, we concentrated on coaching our reading partners. Instead of telling a word, we practiced encouraging the use of reading strategies. The students have been reminding each other to: break the word into parts, use picture clues, read to the end of the sentence for clues, try different sounds and to check if their decoding makes sense.

In math, we have been busy sorting by different attributes and taking surveys. We analyzed the data in the survey and then tried to determine how this information could be used in the real world.

We also had a lot of fun this week studying the properties of sound. Our unit culminated today in a ‘Sound Challenge’ in which the students were asked to create a sound system that could transmit sound across our classroom. Check out the videos on Seesaw!

Next week we will study the properties of light. To kick of the unit, on Thursday, Mrs. Livingston set up projectors shining on sheets of paper. She provided the students with many items to experiment with making shadows. Their curiosity has been peaked and we will start our light studies Monday!

February 9

Thank you for joining us today for our Chinese New Year celebration! We had a fantastic time performing!

It was an exciting week at school with the magic show, Nala’s birthday, Mrs. Kreb’s birthday, Valentine making and the 100th day of school. Not to mention: making 100s charts, experimenting with volume and writing non-fiction book conclusions.

Next week, we will conclude our study of non-fiction writing with an assessment of on demand research and a 45 minute writing assignment. In math, we will practice sorting by attributes. We will make Chinese New Year dragon puppets and big heart Valentine holders. On Tuesday we will get to participate in our second session of Amped.

Wednesday afternoon, the children will exchange valentine/friendship cards before departing for the holiday. If you would like to send in a treat for the children to share while they read their valentines, please send it to school in the morning with your child.

Photos below show experimenting with sound and volume, the Chinese New Year celebration and 100 Day creations.

February 2

Thank you for coming to school for both our music concert and conferences this week. It was a pleasure to get to meet with all of you. As I get to know you better I know your child that much better too!

The energy running through grade 1 is high right now, and I can feel the excitement for New Years already building. I’m looking forward to China Day tomorrow (12:00 to 3:00).

Next week the children will attend a PSA sponsored magic show on Feb. 6. Feb 9 will be busy as we will participate in a New Years parade (wear Chinese dress, 8:30) and also celebrate our 100th day of school.

We will begin new units of study in both reading and writing workshop. In writing, we will explore writing songs and poetry. In reading we will focus on ‘being the boss’ of our reading fluency and comprehension.

In math, we are creating 100’s charts and playing Missing Numbers games. Our study of sound will continue with an emphasis on pitch and volume.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

January 26

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend Learning Comes Alive, by being here you sent a clear message to your child that you value their education. I hope you enjoyed problem solving with your child as you watched their classroom learning in a live setting.

I’ve had fun listening to my students read aloud, retell and answer comprehension questions this week. They are all surging forward with their reading levels! This individual growth at each child’s own developmental stage is a great source of pride for the students. They are aware of the differences among the class  member’s abilities, but they support each other’s growth with encouraging words and coaching each other instead of telling.

Next week we will wind up our study of non-fiction reading and writing. Most of the children will publish a second even more polished piece of nonfiction writing. The second books incorporated more research and also photographs instead of illustrations. From here, we will go on to a unit about songs and poetry.

In math, you know we have been working on problem solving and telling time. We are also starting to work on ordering and writing numbers to 100. The children will use resources in our class to assist them as they make their own 100 charts. They will continue working on their individualized packets about telling time as well.

In science we are studying the concept of sound. We used plastic cups, wooden sticks and rubber bands to discover that movement (or vibration) causes sound. When the movement stops so does the sound. Other big concepts to be discovered will include that ears are one kind of sound receiver and sounds can convey information.

Looking forward:

M. Jan. 29, 2:15 1B Music Concert in the Gecko Theater

W. Jan. 31 Alexey’s last day

Th. Feb. 1 Parent/Teacher Conferences

F. Feb. 2 ESLR Assembly- complex thinkers

T. Feb. 6 PSA sponsored magic show

Th. Feb. 8 Happy Birthday, Nala!

F. Feb. 9, 8:30 Chinese New Year parade (wear Chinese clothes), 100th day celebration

W. Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day celebration

Feb. 15-25 New Years holiday

January 12, 2018

I hope your holidays were wonderful! It was fun to hear the student’s stories about their adventures. It didn’t take us long to get back in the swing of things and lots of learning is taking place in 1B!

Our nonfiction reading and writing units continue. This week we worked on identifying keywords and learning their definitions by looking them up in the glossary. We also added headings, table of contents and glossaries to our student writing.

In math, we have started working on subtraction story problems. We practice: visualizing the story, retelling it, determining whether the end result will be more or less than we started with, then we share our strategies for solving the problem. We are also working on individualized math packets about telling time.

We launched our grade one AMPed (Autonomously Mastered Purposeful education) program this week by telling the children about the nine different courses being offered. Their selections included: Nature Detectives, Lego, STEAM building, Book Making, Cooking, Disc Jockeying, Nature Arts and Crafts, Mindfulness and Movement. The students used the iPads to indicate their top three choices. Next week, the students will be informed of which section they will be in. The classes will take place on Day 3, during an afternoon slot from 1:10 to 2:05. This is a fun opportunity for your child to learn about or follow a passion in a small group setting. AMPed sessions will kick off on Jan. 22.

We also have extra music practice sessions both this week and next to prepare for our Music Concert. The concert will take place in the Gecko Theater at 2:15 on Thursday, January 18. Of course, you are all invited to attend.

Looking forward, a few more dates to remember include:

Jan. 25 Learning Comes Alive, math, 11:00 to 11:45

Jan. 26 Early dismissal at 11:30, due to teacher professional training

Feb. 1 Parent/Teacher conferences

December 1

Thank you for all of your support today with dressing your children in their national dress, attending the parade and sending in international snacks to share. It was a special day to celebrate our diversity and similarities and it was very meaningful to the children.

Our units of non-fiction in reading and writing are off to a good start. The children have a solid understanding of the genre and they are enjoying beginning to research.

In math, the students are continuing to practice addition, counting on, adding with three addends and problem solving.

Our social studies have focused on celebrations in different cultures. We are looking forward to learning about both Chinese and Korean winter celebrations next week.

We will also have a unique opportunity to read with seventh grade students as part of their Book Week celebrations.

We will have library next Tuesday, Dec. 5.