October 16

Dear Parents,

I hope this finds you all snug and dry on this wet and windy Sunday! This week, we are all set to launch new units in math (geometry), reading (word solving), and writing (how-to books). 1D kids will turn into shape shifters, word detectives, and expert teachers!

A few notes for this week:

*Cupcake party this Monday, thanks to our poster winner, Bonnie!

*Harshil’s mom will be in class on Tuesday to help 1D celebrate Diwali!

*Our final swimming lesson for this unit is on Friday.

*Children continue to paint in Art, please dress appropriately

*Learning Comes Alive in 1D on Wednesday at 8:15

Back to school, 1D!

Hi Parents,

I hope everyone had a restful, relaxing, and enjoyable holiday with their families. Are you ready to send your children back to me and Ms. Kang? We missed them!! Below is the October calendar. Please note learning objectives on the sidebar for each subject. Also, please note the days we swim in PE as well as library days. Welcome Back! Lisa

Sunday, September 24

Good afternoon, Parents. In the pictures above you can find our 1D family learning about the holiday, Rosh Hashanah. We ate apples dipped in honey and wished one another, “Shana Tova,” which means, a sweet new year. Thanks to Ella and Kai for helping us with the meaning and pronunciation. Below that, can you figure out our number of the day? We are human tally marks! Look carefully…5…10…15 and Miranda makes 16! 🙂

Reminders this week: We swim on Tuesday and Wednesday and PT Conferences are on Thursday

Teaching Points:

Reading and Writing *Continue with “Word scooping”*strategies for solving hard words*unfreezing our characters*adding dialogue

Math *finding all possible combinations for a number and then strengthening our math fluency through games *Three Towers*Heads andTails*How Many Am I Hiding

Social Studies*defining community*how do individuals work to support the main function of our school community*practicing presentations skills with our “Wake Up World” projects.

Sunday, September 17

Dear Parents of 1D,
I hope your are finding this weekly check-in helpful. Please do use the brief “teaching points” as way to encourage your children to talk more about what they are learning in school and/or to make home connections to their school day.

*swimming on Wednesday
*library on Friday

Teaching/Learning Points
*scooping up words into phrases when we read
*re-read to notice/learn some more
*writing about a small moment (seed) rather than a broad event(watermelon)
*putting periods at the ends of our sentences
*tricks for adding more than two numbers together
*decomposing numbers (peas, carrots, and the magic spoon!)
*using U.S. money to practice counting
*What do members in a community all have in common?

An invitation:
Mid-Autumn Festival and Chuseok are quickly approaching. The Chinese teachers are preparing some activities for the students and I will be reading books and stories centered on these holidays as well, but I’d like to invite you to come in and share a favorite story, pictures, costume, food, or craft with the children that would increase their understanding of these holidays. If you would like to come in, please just send me an email and I’ll get back to you so we can set up a time and day for you to share.

Thanks for reading! Lisa

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Dear Parents,
I hope you all are enjoying this slightly cooler and slightly less humid day with your families.

Here are the notes for this week:
*Library books due on Monday (tomorrow)
*Swimming does not start for us until September 20, but our PE days this week are Wednesday and Thursday.
*No school this Friday for students. Teachers will be in professional development learning sessions.

And here are some of the teaching points this week:
*make a plan and read more and more
*re-read to improve your “voice”
*partners can help us “grow” our writing
*spelling those big words independently
*finding strategies for adding two numbers together
*tricks for showing your strategy on paper
*How am I like a child in, “Wake Up World,” and how am I different from a child in, “Wake Up World.”

Things we are getting really good at:
*sharing our thinking with others
*staying focused on our books during reading time
*writing independently about our true stories
*using a big voice when sharing with the whole group
*counting carefully and accurately
*being kind to each other

September 3, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hi Parents,
Hope you all are having a good weekend. This week’s post focuses on reading homework.

Tomorrow, the students will select a collection of books that they will change out on a weekly basis. The students will select non-fiction books, interest (unleveled) books, and books from their reading range. At the end of our reading workshop each day, they will select a book to put in their reading folder to read with you that evening. Because they are being exposed to a rich variety of materials, they will not be fluent with every book they bring home, especially with the non-fiction titles. On those evenings, please ‘share’ the reading so that your child can enjoy the book (and time with you) without it being a big struggle. We will be spending time this week learning how to “learn from pictures,” so hopefully, they will share that new skill with you.

I have done a quick baseline assessment on each child to find their reading range. Please understand that the bar for comprehension and fluency is higher in first grade, so your child may be bringing home a level that they read in kindergarten. The expectations for how they read that book have changed. I’ll be giving a more formal reading assessment in a couple of weeks that will further help me understand each child’s strengths and challenges as a reader.

Reading Homework Procedure:

Read for at least ten minutes with a parent each day, Monday-Thursday.

Write the title of the book(s) read on the reading log. (Parents, you or the child may do the writing.)

Rate the book. Three stars-I love it, two stars-it was okay, one star-not for me.

Return your reading log, book and folder in the homework folder every morning.
*Reading logs and books will not be sent home over the weekend, but don’t forget to read together everyday! Thanks for reading, Lisa

August 28

Hello, 1D Family. I hope everyone is safe, dry, and cozy on this very rainy Sunday.

Here are a few reminders for this week: 1) We have PE on Mon/Tue/Fri 2)We have library on Wednesday 3) We have fun everyday! I’m also posting the short version of teaching points that will be addressed in reading over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, you can reinforce these good reading habits as you read to and with your child at home. Lastly, if your child is to receive a Korean or Vegetarian box lunch, please send me a quick email, as the list sent out last week had a few errors on it. Thanks! Lisa

Reading Workshop focus:

Building Good Reading Habits I

  • The Sneak Peek: checking out the title and pictures before reading
  • When You’re Finished: talk/write/or draw about favorite part
  • Set Goals: read for longer/discuss more/stronger focus/think more
  • Reread I: reread sections to make your voice smoother
  • Reread II: reread to get more meaning from the book

Parting shot…We’re working hard to have a safe line as we make the walk to and from Parkside. We used silly stickers on the backs of our shirts to help us remember to keep our eyes forward and stay close to the person in front of us. It worked pretty well!!

Back To School

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to start the 2017/18 year with all seventeen children in 1D present, smiling, and ready to be back in school. We are spending a good part of each day getting to know one another, building trust, and establishing our classroom agreements. This week, we will also begin the routines of “workshop” in the core subject areas, but more about that on Tuesday afternoon. For now, here is the calendar for your device. Hope you all are enjoying a relaxing family weekend. Kind regards, Lisa

1-D August 2017 -1chmdiq