Homework Note

Hi Parents,

Well vacation is really over…homework starts tomorrow! Each day (Mon.-Thurs) the kids will need to: complete their reading┬álog (you can do the writing), their math page, and word study page. Most are self explanatory, and I will be modeling how to do the assignments each day this week. So, please let your children show their independence by explaining it to you. However, I would like to share with you our 1A procedure for reading homework:

1) Find a good place to read

2) Look at the cover and decide/predict the purpose of the book

3) Read. Stop as you read to think, question, comment, predict and look at pictures. Try to “read like you talk,” reading smoothly and with expression.

4) At the end, retell what you have read.

5) Fill out reading log and return book to bag.

That’s enough for now. This is a learning process for the students. It will take time to get into the routine and that’s okay. More as we go. Kind regards, Lisa

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