Building Confidence

Yesterday and today, your children had the opportunity to read their original, “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” stories to their classmates using a real microphone and a real amp! This allowed even our quietest voices to be heard, and it gave our more experienced readers a chance to experiment with their fluency skills. ┬áIt also taught us that…we are real authors! The kids loved listening, laughing, and chanting along with each author’s, “Bad Day,” story.


What About These Blogs

Hi Parents,

You may have received emails notifying you that your child has a blog. Well, we’re not blogging quite yet…but we’re getting set up to do so. The main purpose of the blog is to allow students to keep track of their learning in a digital format. One of the best features of the blog is the “subscribe” button. This will allow you, and even grandparents, to have access to the pictures, posts, and videos that your student will be sharing on his/her blog. So, please stay tuned!

In other news: Halloween is fast approaching! Your child is invited to wear his/her costume to school on Friday, but please send a change of clothes. We’ll be changing after the grand parade. Thanks! Lisa

Celebrations and Progress

Dear Parents,


Well, first there was the Moon Festival, then Chuseok, and this Friday, we continue our celebrations unit with Diwali. Students will hear and see the story of Diwali, learn a traditional dance, make a Rangoli pattern, and of course, try some traditional snacks. Thank you to the moms that are coming to help and experience this beautiful festival of light with us.


Can you believe it is almost November? Here are some signs of progress that I have observed in 1A:

*children reading in longer phrases and with more expression *less running and more walking inside the building *instructions being followed more consistently *better understanding of the 100s chart and how to use it *students adding several details to each page of their writing booklets *more high frequency words spelled correctly *a better sense of our class being a family and that we help one another *periods and capitals *more responsibility/less water bottles being left around campus…and more! Thank you for your continued support at home, and especially with those “take home readers.”