December 5

Dear Parents,

It has been a busy, but very productive week of learning in 1A, and we’ve managed to have quite a bit of fun too! In reading, we have been practicing how to stop, pause, and think while reading even when we don’t have a tricky word to solve. Now during reading time, I’m beginning to hear, “Let’s make a prediction here…” or “Oh, I have a connection!”  It’s great to see them strengthen their comprehension skills and work hard to get more out of their reading. In writing, under the wonderful guidance of our visiting consultant, Matt Glover, the kids began to make a stronger case for who they are writing for. A clear sense of audience is important to any writer. They also learned to include an introduction in their “How To” books, a skill that applies to all writing genres. Real demonstrations of the children’s “How To” books included making a mango shake, blowing a bubble, doing a forward roll, making a sandwich, and drawing a picture. In math, we went up to Alaska to work on salmon fishing. To be a good fisherman, you have to be an expert at measuring. We learned that for conservation purposes, salmon have to be a certain length to keep, otherwise, they must  be released back into the river to grow up and make babies. Now they are measuring very accurately to the nearest half inch from mouth to tail. It was an exciting moment when, after independently measuring a set of taped lines on our floor, we came back together and found out that we all had exactly the same answers! Maybe some future architects? Hope you all have a wonderful family weekend together! Lisa

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