January 24

Dear Parents,
Thanks so much for your enthusiastic participation at Learning Comes Alive on Thursday. We all have so much fun when you join us. I was also a very proud teacher when so many of you showed up for the storytelling sessions with Neil Griffiths. Your commitment to supporting the education of these kiddos is vey evident. This week will find us learning to get to know our characters like we do our friends, bolstering our opinions with more compelling reasons and details, exploring smaller solids, and spending a week focusing on problem solving and games that reinforce basic math skills. We’ll also be launching our Real Spelling lessons across the grade level on Monday. In the pictures this week you’ll see our kids working on their story mapping strategies partner reading, and a group of kids getting started on authoring their very first chapter books! 🙂
Warm regards,


Friday Science

Good afternoon, Parents! In science this week, our students had four different “hands on” learning experiences around the topic of solids. In my rotation, they viewed some very famous towers from around the world, studied the materials used to build them and the shapes and sizes of the bases, middles, and tops of the towers. Then, they took what they had learned about the properties of solids and built their own towers using a set of twelve different solids. It was really exciting to watch them get into groups, examine the solids, talk about which ones would be good bases and why and which ones should be saved for the tops and why. All of the first graders collaborated beautifully together, and as you can see, built some very  impressive structures while successfully applying their new knowledge. Looking forward to having you here next week when we are studying the properties of liquids during Learning Comes Alive on Thursday. Don’t worry…I promise you won’t get wet! 🙂

th  IMG_0726

January 11, 2015

Hello Parents!

Happy New Year to you all. We successfully wrapped up our first week of the new year with lots of new learning. Students are busy using new strategies to study characters in books that we read so that we can learn from them. In writing, we did some final editing on our How-To Books and then jumped right in with our new unit, Opinion Writing. And in math, we continued to measure, but more accurately, aiming to all get the same answers now that we are using standard units of measurement. This week, we will begin a new science unit as well. If you’ll remember the last unit was on air and weather. At that point, we learned about and experimented with the properties of a gas. In this unit, we’ll be doing the same with properties of solids and liquids. There will be lots of new vocabulary that we hope you will support at home. Tomorrow, we’ll launch the unit in 1A by studying famous skyscrapers and then attempting to build our own towers using a collection of solids. Maybe the next I.M. Pei will emerge! I’m sure you’ve seen the announcements for conferences and Learning Comes Alive…please email me if you have any questions. Thanks, Lisa