Sunday, February 1

Dear Parents,

Science is so much fun! The children are incredibly curious and full of questions. Last week, we started taking what we had learned about the properties of solids and liquids and began using that knowledge to guide our thinking in new learning situations. This week, we’ll look at the new recycling craze, furniture made out of cardboard. Perhaps you saw the exhibition at All City Mall a few months ago? We’ll think about the properties of cardboard, then we’ll look at how cardboard acts when it is exposed to a liquid. This will help us decide if cardboard furniture is best used inside buildings, or outside in parks and playgrounds. 🙂 In the video below, we were investigating what happens to some small solids, like sugar, when they are exposed to water. The mixing part was pretty fun! We are learning to record our observations before water is added, just after it’s added, after the shake up, and then after it has settled. We note the changes, make predictions, and ask more questions!

This week in 1A we will celebrate the 100th day of school on Thursday and Chinese New Year on Friday. Please see my email regarding reading homework. Thanks! Kind regards, Lisa

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