We are a happy bunch!

Today we finally got around to complimenting one another on our opinion and persuasion booklets. Our room was filled with students giving each other praises for their hard work and progress in writing. The books were out on the desks and students would sit down, read through the whole book, paying close attention to words and illustrations, and then write a compliment on the special page in the back. I was so proud of how sincere they all were. In math this week, they did an awesome job of building pyramids and triangular prisms using only grid paper, pencils, tape, scissors, and models. It was neat to watch them plan where the faces needed to be placed and how to match the widths of the sides and bases. Next week, we continue our All About Books, finish up the unit on Geometry, begin NF book clubs, and continue observing our plants in science. I’m looking forward to it! But, for now, Happy Weekend to all of us! 🙂 PS Next week school is dismissed at 11:30 on Thursday and Friday is an all school holiday.


Friday, April 24

Dear Parents,

Good morning! Just wanted to share with you all how we have been starting our day for the past three weeks. As the kids come back from their word study groups, they quietly take off their shoes and put them to the side, find a good space on the floor, and quiet themselves with gentle breathing. This is followed by a six minute yoga routine aimed at strengthening children’s bodies and their ability to focus. In first grade speak, “Making our minds and bodies strong.” At the end of the sequence, the children slip their shoes back on, sit on the carpet, and our Reading Workshop begins. It has transformed our classroom and I think we all really appreciate this new routine and the balance it brings to our day. Many thanks to Mrs. Johnson for sharing the app, Sing Song Yoga, with me this year!1429782369218

April 20

Learning comes alive…at home! I know it happens, but it is still so exciting when kids are applying their new learning outside of the classroom and then coming back to tell me because it is just so important to them. Here is the most recent incident: Pacome selected the non fiction book, Fun Food To Make, for his reading homework. Later that week, he came to school proudly carrying his lunch which he had learned to make from the book. Isn’t this exactly what we want…for kids to believe that reading makes their lives richer, better, and more fun?! In other news, we have an assembly this Friday at 2:15. If you want to ask your kids about their learning this week, mention symmetry, non fiction reading strategies, All About Books, and wheat seeds. 🙂