April 20

Learning comes alive…at home! I know it happens, but it is still so exciting when kids are applying their new learning outside of the classroom and then coming back to tell meĀ because it is just so important to them. Here is the most recent incident: Pacome selected the non fiction book, Fun Food To Make, for his reading homework. Later that week, he came to school proudly carrying his lunch which he had learned to make from the book. Isn’t this exactly what we want…for kids to believe that reading makes their lives richer, better, and more fun?! In other news, we have an assembly this Friday at 2:15. If you want to ask your kids about their learning this week, mention symmetry, non fiction reading strategies, All About Books, and wheat seeds. šŸ™‚


One thought on “April 20

  1. Wow, a wonderful home made pizza by Pacome! How Rachelle want to try… Rachelle also tried to make bread at home by following the book she took home last week.but…….

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