Saturday, May 16

Hi Parents,
WOW! Ms. Lisa and I felt like queens all week long! Thank you all so very much for sending in the flowers, the candy, the gifts, and most especially for helping your kids write the most beautiful messages to us. We felt completely loved and appreciated. The teacher appreciation event on Friday was lovely. The food was delicious, the weather on the roof was great, there was music, and everyone had such a good time relaxing together. My husband even won a voucher for Coyotes…so thanks for that, too! It has been a great year!

The weeks are flying by…here’s what’s happening this week.

In class:
*We will continue to explore the concepts equal and unequal shares in math. This will lead us into notations for fractions in the following week.

*We are finishing up our non fiction reading and writing units. This week, we’ll begin a little mini-unit on plays. This unit is great fun, plus it definitely helps boost everyone’s fluency to a new level. Your child will bring home a play with his/her part highlighted. This will serve as the reading homework for the week. They do not have to memorize their parts. Expression and correct speed and volume are what we’re looking for. Please keep the plays at home until Friday. Send them back that morning in the folders.

*In science and social studies, we continue to study form and function of plants and animals, communities, wants and needs, and mapping skills. If you have any maps around the house that you could share with us, please send them in. Please label them with your name if you need them back. Thanks.

Outside of class:
Tuesday is the Chinese Field Trip
Thursday is our Temple Trip