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Hi Parents,

I hope you’ve had a good week. I’d like to devote this post to reading at home with your child. In school, we will really focus on comprehension and fluency…so it’s not just about reading the words. To help with this at home, it would be great if you could do a “partner read” with your child and his/her homework book each evening. A “partner read” means that you read a page, your child reads a page, sitting close and side by side, sharing the book between you.┬áThe book should be pretty close to his/her independent level. This will free you up to do the following:

*Ask questions that require the child to use what he knows to solve…”Why did the boy give up in the race?”

*Read in a voice that expresses what the character is feeling.

*Notice what is happening in the pictures and words so you can make predictions about what might happen on the next page.

Below you will find a chart that we use to “warm up” for reading. Perhaps you can follow it at home too.


Here are a few more pictures of us reading along with the whole crew! Have a great weekend! Lisa



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