Making Connections

Dear Parents,

Your kids are taking the lessons presented in Reading Workshop and practicing them beautifully. We have been, and will continue, working on making connections to the stories we read. If we stop and think to do this, we will understand the characters better, as well as be better at making predictions and inferring answers to questions not found in the text. This is true for all readers…not just young ones! I’ve “reset” the homework baskets as most of the children have moved up 1-3 levels in the past three weeks. I’ll be taking the day on Wednesday to officially and ┬áindividually access each child’s reading level. Please note that to move up to the next level, children must be able to do more than just read the words. They must be able to read with a degree of fluency, answer comprehension questions, and retell the story including most of the events and important details.


Important dates for this week:

Monday starts off the week with PE and finishing our first chapter book read-aloud, Charlotte’s Web.

Tuesday the elementary school celebrates creativity with the book, The Dot. Please send your child to school wearing some dots.

Wednesday is the day I administer the reading assessments so there will be a substitute teacher in the room.

Thursday…a normal day ­čÖé

Friday we have our first assembly in the SPAH at 2:10. Each assembly, 2 children from each class are recognized. If your child is receiving an award, I will notify you.

Emails will be coming out on Monday for Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-Ups, our first writing celebration, and for a request for volunteers to help with our upcoming Mid-Autumn Celebration. SIS is a happy, but busy place!!


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